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LA N@VE October 4-6, 2017 M A D R I D
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2017 Program

Smart Mobility
  • What does the future of mobility bring?
  • What is the evolution in transportation?
  • How is the physical and digital world becoming one world?
  • How are AI and machine learning disrupting?
  • When will we be living with full autonomous cars?
  • Can the sharing economy disruptors be disrupted?
Mobility is here, there and everywhere and it has made the world smarter. Smart cities are no longer the wave of the future, they are here now and the future of mobility is already having a huge impact on how businesses operate in different industries. The personal technologies that surround us have become ubiquitous and automatic. In what ways is the world adapting to the new smart technologies? For example the shared economy models, are they extending even further across our cities? There is an immense need to bridge between our physical and digital world as we want to interact with both worlds at the same time. How is this being accomplished?Through smart technology and apps? read more
Travel & Tourism
  • When will AI be strong enough to autonomously drive a car?
  • When will we be living with full autonomous cars?
  • How easy has moving around our globe become?
  • What are the newest innovations in the travel industry?
  • What are the transformations for a more prosperous world?
  • How will the 4th lane change the face of our cities?
  • What are the changes that rural areas and cities are undergoing to adapt to the development of the many disruptive technologies?
  • When are we going to be able to live and work in space?
Technology has made Travel become mobile and is revolutionizing our travel experience. How are transport and location technologies making an impact on our daily lives? Electric cars, high speed trains and drones are changing the face of the city and how we move, work and connect. What impact will travel have on the world of logistics? What are the most evolved technologies that will release innovations to undergo change tomorrow? How will we move in the close future and who are the brains behind the travel units? Space has become closer and closer, but how close are we? Will space tourism become a new transportation and thus business model? read more
New money
  • How will blockchain revolutionize the world economy and in what way is it establishing trust?
  • How can the banks protect against foreseen threats?
  • What are the many new innovations in the finance industry?
  • What is next in terms of innovation in payments?
  • Will Banks eventually become a digital only business?
  • When will the physical money disappear?
  • Will we ever completely eliminate fraud?
  • How is the insurance industry undergoing changes to adapt to the new business models?
  • Who will manage our money?
The world of fintech is evolving and very fast and technology has changed how we save and spend money. So shortly we will be living with the New Money. Banks of today are going through an evolution and transformation. So what is the future of banks and the future of money? Will banks keep having control of the money? And who will be in charge of our money? What are the options for banks to stay above water? They need to evolve quickly and take the opportunities for a complete rethink. What is the next wave of disruptive technologies which will define the future of this industry? read more
Content & Channels
  • How is traditional media re-inventing itself?
  • How are millenials and generation Z the most active content creators and thus leaders of this industry?
  • How can we embrace emerging technology and channels to improve quality, awareness, and accountability for some of the world’s most important issues?
  • What is the future of gaming?
  • How innovative and disruptive do new networks have to be to attract users?
  • What impact are the new ways of communications having on today’s society?
Social media has started a revolution on how people connect, learn and communicate, and its effects cannot be undone. It is time for a make over! Traditional media agency are in urge to re-invent their businesses. Media will always have a great influence on society and it needs to adapt to the new innovations technology is offering. How do we deal with the danger of fake news? Facebook, Google vs. the rest of the industry. How secure are companies information on the cloud? What is done for cyber security? What is the future of gaming and its massive industry it has created? How innovative does an innovator be to build a product that will be used by millions of people? How are social platforms going through an evolution? read more
Healthcare & Biotech
  • When will medicine stop being curative and become preventive?
  • Will people be able to treat death as a disease and thus make humans inmortal?
  • Will human doctors be replaced by robots?
  • Will humans live better and longer thanks to the technological opportunities?
  • What are the many roles of biotech in pushing the human race forward?
  • In what ways are machines going to be capable of replacing humans?
  • What are the changes in today’s healthcare system?
  • What are the latest innovations that are reshaping the way we think about medicine and biology?
  • What are the breakthrough in synthetic biology?
  • What are the health innovations in emerging markets?
The future of Healthcare is constantly changing due to the connected ecosystems. Biotechnology has become a global industry which will have an even greater influence on our lives in the coming years. What are the innovations in healthcare bringing us? Increase in life expectancy? Will diseases be curable in advance? What will the buzziest technologies or disease areas be for 2017? How is Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning changing the healthcare system? What is the evolution in the pharma sector? What are the most disruptive breakthroughs in biotech? read more
Lifestyle & Fashion
  • What is the key for success?
  • How are technology innovations changing people’s lifestyle?
  • What are the transformations for a more prosperous world?
  • Can innovation help solve and prevent more problems in advance?
  • Can people’s behaviour and thus life attitude be influenced?
  • What is happiness nowadays?
  • What are the key incentives to make people re-invent themselves?
  • What opportunities does the tech revolution provide to improve lifestyle?
Technology has changed people’s lifestyle! Yet, how are people adapting their lifestyle to technology? People are in a constant search of improving their lifestyle, living a better and healthier life. They are in constant search of happiness. What are the different pillars that make people experience happiness? How has technology been influencing the world of fashion? read more
Sustainability & Green Tech
  • Is the world prepared for the dangerous geographical changes?
  • Is sustainability the key to the Earth’s survival?
  • How are we living the fourth industrial revolution?
  • In what ways is the world becoming a more sustainable place?
  • Are industries really focusing on producing better, cleaner and more ethical products?
  • What are the new technologies today that are changing the industrial sector?
  • What are the new innovations that will make renewable energy cheaper, more powerful, and more readily available?
  • How are cities preparing for urban agriculture? In what way will this be sustainable?
  • How are we preparing for food safety?
  • What are the technologies that could transform how industries use energy?
The world is in need to become a more fair and sustainable place and people need to start living for the planet! What are the breakthroughs with which this can be achieved? How are politicians working to reach this goal? Would people’s living habits need to be changed to contribute actively to a more sustainable world? What are the opportunities of growing sustainably and adopting clean technologies? Is the world really becoming cleaner? What are the methods and materials that have been evolving from techniques for generating energy to non-toxic cleaning products? read more
Art & Culture
  • What is Art today?
  • What are the evolutions in Culture?
  • Why is strong desing culture so important?
  • How has the physical and digital world become people’s culture?
  • How much business and opportunities is there behind Art?
  • How is VR, AI and AR changing Art?
  • How is the mindblowing arquitectura adapting to the newest innovations in technology?
There is no right or wrong with Art. Art is here and everywhere and through technology is influencing our culture. It is in an ongoing evolution, reinventing itself constantly. However is art the easiest way for ideas and emotions to cross borders? Has the physical and digital world people are living in become their culture? How has technology opened the many borders to other cultures? What is the impact of social technology on people? How are AI, VR, AR and other technological advances affecting how people experience art, design, food, music etc. In what ways are these experiences being shared all across the globe? Is there are collision between the millennial generation’s expectations and reality? What is the reality of culture nowadays? read more


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