9:00h Welcome to the First Edition of South Summit Brazil! (Keynote)* 

Jose Renato Hopf, Founder & CEO at 4all 

María Benjumea, Founder & President at South Summit 

Marta del Castillo, CEO at South Summit 

Eduardo Lorea, Founder & CEO at Numerik 

Thiago Ribeiro, CEO at South Summit Brazil

  09:15h Trail Blazing a Sustainable Future (Fireside chat)  

Eduardo Lorea, CEO & Founder at Numerik 

Artur Grynbaum, Vice President of the Board at Grupo Boticário 

09:35h What Comes Around Goes Around: Circular Economy (Panel)* 

Camilla Coatti, CMO at LL Loyalty (Moderator) 

Andrea Janer, CEO at Oxygen 

Suelen Joner , Head of Sustainability at Arezzo&Co 

Simone Sancho, Founder & CEO at Belong Be  

10:05h Regenerative Agriculture to Feed the Future (Keynote)* 

Felipe Villela , Founder of reNature 

 10:20h The Role of innovation in sustainable food supply (Panel)*  

Gisele Loeblein, Journalist & Columnist at RBS Communications Group(Moderator) 

Alexandre Mendonça de Barros Agribusiness Expert  

Frederico Logemann, Head of Innovation of SLC Agricola 

Flavio Zaclis, Founder of Barn Investimentos 

10:50h The Power of Information in Healthcare (Keynote) 

Julio Mottin Neto, CEO at Grupo Panvel 

11:05h Healthcare Moonshots (Panel)*  

Roberto Giugliani, Founder of Casa dos Raros (Moderator) 

Luciano Silveira Eifler, CEP & Founder at ConceptMed 

Rafael de Castro Figueroa, CEO at Portal Telemedicine 

Guilherme Azevedo, Co-Founder & CHO at Alice 

11:35h Trailblazing Innovation in the South 

Eduardo Lorea, Founder & CEO at Numerik 

María Benjumea, Founder & President of South Summit 

Jose Renato Hopf, Founder & CEO at 4all 

Claudio Gastal, Secretary of State for Planning, Governance & Management of Rio Grande do Sul 

Eduardo Leite, Former Governor of The State of Rio Grande do Sul 

11:55h The Ingredients Behind Success in Venture Capital (Fireside chat) 

Marisol Menendez, Chief Open Innovation Officer at South Summit 

Carolina Strobel, Operating Partner & COO at Redpoint eventures 

  12:15h Game Changer Series: Reshaping The Way People’s Interact (Fireside chat)  

 Guga Schifino, Head at DX.CO (Moderator) 

Paulo Roberto de Alencastro, CEO of Unico 

  14:00 Game Changer Series: Breaking Down Barriers (Fireside chat) *  

Hugo Mardomingo, Co-Managing Partner at All Iron Ventures (Moderator) 

Alphonse Voigt, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of EBANX

14:20 Democratizing Health(Fireside chat) * 

Juan José Güemes, Chairman at IE Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innoavtion

Thomaz Srougi, Chairman & Founder of Dr. Consulta

14:40 Digital Banking is Here to Stay & Shake the Entire Financial System (Fireside chat) * 

Luiz Ribeiro, Managing Director & Co-Head of Brazil Office at General Atlantic (Moderator) 

Jean Sigrist, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Neon 

 15:00h Scailing up in Brazil (Fireside chat)*  

Miguel Arias, General Partner at K FUND  

Sergio Furio, Founder & CEO at Creditas 

15:20h Latin American badass ladies: Founders & VCs (Panel)* 

Marisol Menendez Chief Open Innovation Officer at South Summit (Moderator) 

Kelly Gusmão, Co-Founder & CPO at Warren Brasil 

Luma Boaventura Favarini, Co-Founder & CEO of AI ROBOTS.  

Susana Garcia-Robles, Senior Partner at Capria VC 

15:50h Rio Grande do Sul: The Thread to Knit The Ecosystem (Panel)*  

Jorge Audy, Innovation & Development Superintendency of PUCRS (Moderator) 

Aline Lucia Deparis, CEO at Privacy Tools 

Gabriel Engel, Founder & CEO at Rocket.Chat 

Pedro Martins Dusso, CEO at Aegro 

Tito Gusmão, Co-Founder & CEO at Warren 

16:20h Investor opportunity – talking about SPACs (Fireside chat)*  

Thomas Lundgreen Bittar Co-Founder & General Partner at Indicator Capital (Moderator) 

Alec Oxenford, Co-Founder of Alpha Capital   

16:40h Diversity & Inclusion Driving Growth & Representation (Fireside chat)* 

Ricardo Sondermann, International Relations Director at Porto Alegre City Council 

Erik Day, Senior Vice-President, Global Small Business at Dell Technologies 

 17:00h The Amazon Guardian (Keynote) 

Oskar Metsavaht, Visual Artist/ UNESCO Good Will Ambassador/Founder & Creative Director of Osklen 

17:15h The Rise of the Conscious Consumer (Fireside chat)*  

Felipe Villela Founder of renature (Moderator) 

Christopher Gavigan, Co-Founder of The Honest Company 


Jose Renato Hopf, Founder & CEO at 4all 

María Benjumea, Founder & President of South Summit 

Sebastião Melo, Mayor of Porto Alegre  

Ranolfo Vieira Júnior, Gobernador of Rio Grande do Sul 

Luciano Huck, TV Personality