10:00h Opening Ceremony (Panel)

10:30h Three Keys to Decoding Complexity (Keynote) 

Mariya Gabriel – European Commissioner: Innovation, Research, Culture, Education & Youth 

11:20h Decoding the Next Ten Years of Food Systems (Keynote) 

Marc Oshima – Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at AeroFarms 

11:35h Improving 1 Billion Lives (Panel) 

David Berry – CEO at Valo Health

12:20h The Entrepreneurial World’s Greatest Opportunity (Keynote) 

Gonzalo Muñoz – Founder of TriCiclos / Founder of Manuia 

12:35h Building the World’s Net Zero Economoy (Panel) 

Iñaki Berenguer – Serial Entrepreneur & Investor (moderator) 

Alex Laplaza – Partner at LowerCarbon Capital 

Miguel Nogales – Founding Partner at Generation Investment Management

13:25h Accelerating Automation (Keynote) 

Alex Ceballos – Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Development at Amazon 

15:45h Changer Game Series: Improving Life on Earth! (Fireside chat) 

Luca Bocchio – Partner at Accel (moderator) 

Emiliano Kargieman – Founder & CEO at Satellogic 

16:20h Hello Earthling! The Metaverse Welcomes You (Fireside chat) 

Sean Seton-Rogers – Co-founder & Partner at PROfounders Capital (moderator) 

Hrish Lotlikar – Co-Founder & CEO at SuperWorld 

17:55h Let’s Make a Case for Optimism (Fireside chat)  

Alec Oxenford – Co-Founder of Alpha Capital 

Jose Marín – Co-Founder of FJ Labs

18:15h Game Changer Series: Building Better Businesses (Fireside chat) 

Sandra Pino – Sustainable Brands (moderator) 

Bas van Abel – Founder & CEO of Fairphone