09:30h How Arts & Science creates Mycelial Networks? (Fireside chat)* 

Oskar Metsavaht Visual Artist/ UNESCO Good Will Ambassador/Founder & Creative Director of Osklen 

Marcello Dantas, Owner at Magnetoscopio / Chief Curator of the 13ª Mercosul Biennial 2022 

09:45h Entrepreneurship as the great equalizer (Fireside chat)* 

Renata Favale Zanuto, Co-Head at Cubo Itau (Moderator) 

Celso Athayde, CEO at Favela Holding / Founder of CUFA  

10:05h Freedom to Entrepreneurship (Keynote) 

Ricardo Gomes, Vice Mayor of Porto Alegre 

10:20h De Madrid al Cielo: From Madrid to Heaven 

Leticia Cabral-Calvillo, General Manager Spain & Global Business Development at OXENTIA 

Pedro Jesus Rodriguez Gonzalez , Regional Deputy Director of Digital Society & Economy of Madrid  

Lupina Iturriaga, Co-Founder & CEO at Fintonic 

Rocío Schettini, Director of the Office for the Promotion of the Madrid System of Universities, Science & Innovation 

10:50h The State Of Venture Capital In Latin America – Achievements & Lessons Learned (Keynote) *  

Pedro Sorrentino, Partner at Atman 

11:05h Taking the LATAM VC Industry to the next level – Capital Capital Here we come! (Panel)* 

Ricardo Geromel, Partner at 3G Radar (Moderator) 

Hugo Mardomingo, Co-Managing Partner at All Iron Ventures 

Oskar Miel, Managing Partner at Rakuten Capital 

 11:30h The Power of The Brand (Keynote)  

Edson Matsuo, CMiO – Chief of Mistake Officer of MAtsuo & Co / CMiO – Chief of Mistake Officer of Grendene S/A 

11:45h Retail Beyong e-Commerce (Panel)*  

Roberto Certo, Chief Sales Officer at Meta (moderator) 

Tadeu Almeida, Founder & CEO Repassa 

Ari Gorenstein, CEO at Evino 

Maurício Bastos, Arezzo&Co 

 12:15h Game Changer Series: Formalizing the Car Industry in Latin America (Fireside chat)

Eduardo Lorea, Founder & CEO at Numerik 

Roger Laughlin, Founder & Brazil CEO at Kavak 

 14:00h Game Changer Series: Strengthening Logistics; Safer, Faster, Cleaner (Interview)*  

Joe Haslam, Professor at IE Business School (Moderator) 

Federico Vega, CEO at Frete.com 

 14:15h Unleashing the power of technology to make construction more efficient (Panel)* 

Andre Bier Gerdau, Former CEO at Gerdau (Moderator) 

Sandro Gamba, Head of Real Estate at Santander Brazil 

Daniel Lopes Franco, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Dexco 

14:40h Beyond the Exponential: A New Way of Thinking & Doing (Keynote) 

Daniel M. Ely Executive VP & Chief Transformation Officer at Empresas Randon 

14:55h Shaping the Future of Payments (Panel)*  

Versione Souza, CEO at Phi (Moderator) 

Enzo Ciantelli, Principal at Warburg Pincus LLC 

Alex Hoffmann, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at PagBrasil 

15:20h Barter to Bitcoin: The History of Money (Fireside chat)*  

Fernando Ulrich, Head of Education at Liberta Investimentos (Moderator) 

Reinaldo Rabelo de Morais Filho, CEO at Mercado Bitcoin 

15:40h Cloud as a Brick to Strengthen Government Institutions (Keynote)*  

José Antonio Costa Leal, President – General Director at PROCERGS – Centro de TIC do Estado do RS 

 15:55h Digital Government Strategy: The Way Gauchos do (Panel) * 

José Antonio Costa Leal, President – General Director at PROCERGS – Centro de TIC do Estado do RS (Moderator) 

Claudio Gastal, Secretary of State for Planning, Governance & Management of Rio Grande do Sul 

José Lutiano Costa da Silva, Director at PRODAP 

Hiparcio Stoffel, General Director at EDP- Escritório de Desenvolvimento do Projetos – GovRS 

 16:25h Dare to Dream, Trillion Series: Experience, Business & Leadership (Fireside chat) 

José Renato Hopf, Founder & CEO at 4all 

Guilherme Benchimol, Founder & CEO at XP Inc. 

 16:45h Building Up Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Next-Gen leaders (Fireside chat)*  

Pedro Freitas Valério, CEO at Instituto Caldeira (Moderator) 

Marina Sirotsky, Partner Director at Lana Trends  

Juan José Güemes, Chairman at IE Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation 

17:10h No Pain, No Gain: The Parallel Universe Between Athletes & Entrepreneurs  (Panel)* 

Pedro Freitas Valério, CEO at Instituto Caldeira (Moderator) 

Wanderlei Silva, Mixed martial Athlete / CEO at Pesados web; Marcus Stroud 

Marcus Stroud, Co-Founder & Managing Director at TXV Partners 

 17:35h Doing Good by Doing Well: The Biodiversity Opportunity (Fireside chat) 

Telmo Costa, Founder & CEO at Meta 

Agenor Leão, Vice President Brazil Natura 

 17:55h Brazil as a Power House of Blue Innovation (Keynote)*  

Gunter Pauli Author of “The blue economy” / Founder of Zero Emissions Research Initiative (ZERI) 

18:10h Our Only Future is Sustainable: The Strategy (Keynote) * 

Guilherme Weege, CEO at Grupo Malwee