9:30h Scaling at impact: A new model for Fashion (keynote) 

Marci Zaroff – CEO at ECOfashion Corp 

9:45h The Real Economy is Blue (Fireside chat) 

Gunter Pauli – Author of “The Blue Economy” 

10:05h 21st Century Food (Fireside chat)  

Marc Coloma – CEO, Co-Founder & Food Activist at Heura Foods 

Arturo Elizondo – Founder & CEO at The Every Co 

10:30h Game Changer Series: Eliminating Urban Emissions (Fireside chat)  

Matthias Laug – Co-Founder & CTO at TIER Mobility 

10:50h Green Mobility as the Backbone of Communities (Fireside chat)  

Martin Varsavsky – CEO & Chairman at Goggo Network 

Yasmine Fage – Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder at Goggo Network 

11:10h Game Changer Series: Strengthening Logistics; Safer, Faster, Cleaner (Fireside chat) 

Alex Laplaza – Partner at LowerCarbon Capital (moderator) 

12:50h Game Changer Series: Building Category Leaders (Fireside chat) 

Matias Woloski – CTO & Co-founder at Auth0 

15:50h The Rocket Science of Scaleup Ops (Fireside chat)  

Juan de Antonio – Co-Founder & CEO at Cabify 

Sergio Furio – Founder & CEO at Creditas 

16:10h Open Banking Enabling Transparency (Fireside chat) 

Francesco Simoneschi – Founder at TrueLayer 

Dr. Christian Nagel – Founding Partner at Earlybird Venture Capital 

16:35h Empowering the Next Generation (Fireside chat) 

Hadi Partovi – CEO & Founder of Code.org 

Ali Partovi – CEO at Neo 

17:00h Game Changer Series: Disrupting Global Industries from Madrid (Fireside chat)  

Liz Fleming – Chief Ecosystem Officer at South Summit 

Bernhard Niesner – CEO & Co-founder Busuu 

17:20h Backing South Summit Startups (Panel)  

Super Mega Top Investors coming soon.