Topics included

  • 1. Energy Transition: What steps need to be taken to achieve clean and abundant energy for all? We aim to understand where we stand at the energy transition process and what is necessary to achieve green power.
  • 2. Agriculture & Food: Analysis of the entire chain of processes that we go through to achieve sustainable production that generates health and well-being in the community.
  • 3. Sustainable Infrastructure: Technologies and society are advancing at a dizzying pace and cities are becoming more intelligent and sustainable. What are the needs, challenges, and opportunities in the creation of the entire infrastructure network that makes up smart cities?
  • 4. Investing in ClimateTech: What are the business opportunities that we will see in the coming years that will allow us to have a positive and sustainable impact in addition to achieving our economic/social objectives?


Miguel Nigorra

Fifth Wall

Talia Rafaeli


Gabriel Nebreda

EDP Solar