9:30h Meaningful Bonds in The Innovation Ecosystem (Panel)* 

Alsones Balestrin, Secretary of Innovation, Science & Technology of The State Of Rio Grande Do Sul (Moderator) 

Thomas Job, Executive at Instituto Hélice 

Pedro Freitas Valério, CEO at Instituto Caldeira 

Jorge Audy, Innovation & Development Superintendency at PUCRS 

 10:00h Catalyzing Innovation in Porto Alegre – Success Story 4th District (Panel)* 

João Ramos, CEO at BS Project (Moderator) 

Frederico Renner Mentz, Founding Partner at AnLab 

Pedro Freitas Valério, CEO at Instituto Caldeira 

Camila Borelli, Co-Founder & CEO at Nau Live Spaces 

 10:30h Sustainability/ESG: Financing Innovation & the SDGs (Panel)* 

Leany Lemos, President at BRDE (moderator) 

Morgan Doyle, Brazil Country Representative at IDB 

Gil Vidal Borba, Administrator at BNDES 

Patricia Souto Audi, Vice-President Institutional Relations & Sustainability at Banco Santander 

 11:00h Brand & Customer Value (Fireside chat)* 

Alexandre Guerrero Martins, CEO at Eletromidia S.A. 

Igor Mario Puga, Chief Marketing Officer at Santander 

 11:30h Working Backwards: A Customer-Centric Approach to Innovation (Keynote)* 

Fred Santoro, Head of AWS Startups in Brazil 

11:45h Digital Journalism Renaissance (Keynote)* 

Luiz Prisco, Editor at Metrópoles 

12:00h How Platforms are Revolutionizing Society (Keynote)* 

Maria Isabel Antonini, Co-CEO at SINGU 

 12:15h A New Golden Age for Television: Audience Liberation, Free & Live (Keynote)* 

Raymundo Barros, Strategy & Technology Director at Globo Comunicação e Participações 

 14:00h Setting Up the Framework of Collaboration between Startups & Corporations (Panel)* 

Marcio Alexandre Huf Flores, Head of Corporate Venture at Meta Ventures (moderator) 

Marcos Freire Gurgel, Director of Corporate Ventures & Open Innovation at Ifood 

André Gonçalves Nunes, COO at Beta-i Brasil 

Filippo Alberganti , Head of Innovation at Enel 

Mario Coria, IT & Digital Innovation Director at Astrazeneca  

14:30h ESG – Investing in The S from ESG (Panel)* 

Guilherme Weege, CEO at Grupo Malwee  (Moderator) 

Rafael Rodeiro, CEO & Founder at Ribon 

Rafael Vignoli, CEO at Lemon Energia 

 14:55h The paths to issuing Green Bonds (Keynote)* 

Alexandre Englert Barbosa, Head of Treasury at Banco Cooperativo Sicredi 

15:10h Green & Clean Solutions to a better care of Planet Earth (Panel)* 

Daniela Giffoni, Head of Impact & ESG at ImpactPlus (moderator) 

Henrique De Oliveira Brito, Co-Founder of Greenway Insumos Sustentáveis 

Luciano Roberto Correa da Fonseca Filho. Co-CEO at Carbonext Tecnologia  

Helena Schneider, Co-Founder & CTO at ZeoFertil  

15:40h How to Improve & Take Logistics to the Next Level (Panel)* 

Renan Rodrigues Vargas, Chief Sales Officer at Trashin 

Aurelio de Padua Gandra, Co-CEO at Abbiamo 

Thiago Alam da Silva, CFO at MotoristaPX 

15:40h How to Improve & Take Logistics to the Next Level (Panel) 

Thiago Alam da Silva CFO at MotoristaPX 

Thiago Alam da Silva, CFO at MotoristaPX  

16:05 Nanotechnology, from science fiction to reality (Panel)* 

Andrè Flôrès, CEO at Nanowear 

16:20h The Real Revolution in Healthcare is Patient Care (Panel)* 

Paulo Renato Ardenghi Rizzardi, Founder of Wise Innovation (moderator) 

Anderson Godz, CEO at Gonew 

Sílvio Denicol Júnior, Professor at Universidade La Salle 

Guilherme Schneider Deppermann Fortes, Pedagogical Director at HappyCode 

16:50h The Real Revolution in Healthcare is Patient Care (Panel) 

Rafael de Castro Figueroa, CEO at Portal Telemedicine (moderator) 

Salvador Gullo Neto, CEO at SAFETY4ME 

Daniely Votto, Excutive Director at Instituto de Governança e Controle do Câncer -IGCC 

Rodrigo Sampaio de Azambuja, CEO at Casa dos Raros 

Jamil Ribeiro Cade, CEO at W3Care 

17:20h Innovating & Partnerning to Power Healthcare Ecosystem (Panel)* 

Paulo Beck, Partner at Grow+ (moderator) 

Dr. Eduardo Neubarth Trindade, Specialist in General & Digestive Surgery /Professor at Unisinos 

Richard Oliveira, CEO at Unimed Grande Florianópolis 

Walmoli Gerber Jr, Director at ACATE 

17:50 Porto Alegre’s Ecosystem Power (Panel)* 

Daniela Carrion Venturini, Community Manager at TecnoPuc (Moderator) 

Cesar Paz, Founder & Partner at Ecosys 

Josep Piqué, Advisor to Pacto Alegre 

18:20h Connecting Ecosystems & Creating Communities around the Globe (Panel) 

Roberto Dias Ribas, Chief Strategy Officer at Brivia 

Rodrigo Selback Guild, Master at Campus Party Brasil / Professor at Universidade de Caxias do Sul 

Tracy Mann, International Business Development at SXSW 

Franklin Costa, Co-Founder of ØCLB