9:30h Innovation in Agritech (Panel)* 

William Eduardo Neuhaus, Regional Agribusiness Advisor at Sicredi Serrana RS/ES (Moderator) 

Luis Veit, Agribusiness Superintendent at Sicredi 

José Augusto Travassos Rios Tomé, Co-Founder & CEO at AgTech Garage 

Frederico Apollo Brito, CEO at Elysios Agricultura Inteligente 

 10:00h Myth & Realities about Collaboration & Technology in Agritech (Panel)* 

Luís Humberto de Mello Villwock, Superintendent Advisor at PUCRS – TECNOPUC (Moderator) 

Alexandre Monteiro Chequim, Co Founder & CEO at DigiFarmz Smart Agriculture 

Rodrigo Franco Dias, CEO at Connect Farm 

Carlos Eduardo Aranha, Ecosystem Leader at SLC Agricola S.A 

 10:30h 360 Vision of Agribusiness In Brazil & Latin America (Panel)* 

Rodrigo Lafelice dos Santos, Entrepreneur, Board Member at Several Companies 

Tiago Fischer, CMO at Traive Finance 

Luís Humberto de Mello Villwock, Superintendent Advisor at PUCRS – TECNOPUC

 11:00h LIFT Challenge, Finding the best Solutions to help Brazilians & the National Financial System (Panel)* 

Rodrigoh Henriques, Head of Innovation at FENASBAC (Moderator) 

Martha de Sá, Co-Founder & CEO at VERT Capital 

Cristiane Taneze, Senior Director of Innovation at Visa 

Francielli Borges de Assis, Business Strategy Specialist at Itaú Unibanco 

 11:30h Innovation Powering Insurance (Panel)* 

Elinton Bobrik, Founder & Ceo at LL loyalty (Moderator) 

Raphael de Carvalho, CEO at IRB Brasil Re 

Cesar Saut, VP at Icatu Seguros 

11:50h 3D Technology Applied to Fashion (Keynote)

Henry Costa, Statutory Director at Lojas Renner S.A

12:05h Innovation & Technology: Key Factors of Differentiation (Panel)* 

Claudio Carrara, Vice-Presidente at Meta (Moderator) 

João Paulo Pohl Ledur, Strategy & Digital Transformation Director at Marcopolo AS 

Walter Anversa Barbosa, Bussiness Development & Marketing Director Ônibus Brasil at Mercedes-Benz Brasil 

Luana Araujo Fleck, Director at Grupo Ouro e Prata