Decoding Complexity from the Best Professionals

Like someone facing a Rubik’s cube for the first time or a puzzle with thousands of pieces, some see difficulties, and others see opportunities for progress. In the end, that is the beauty of innovation and entrepreneurship: understanding these new needs as a challenge, and as a new puzzle in which each of the entrepreneurs has the chance to fit the last piece and help to see the whole picture.

At South Summit Madrid, from June 8th to 10th, we are celebrating 10 years as the world’s leading meeting point for the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, so we wanted to set ourselves a goal in which we will all do our part: together we will decode the complexity of today’s world.

An Ambitious Program Full of Trends

At South Summit we are clear that we live in an increasingly interconnected world where innovation sets the pace of our daily lives. Therefore, for this years edition of South Summit Madrid, we wanted to cover the main trends and major advances in technology, the speed at which innovation evolves, and the great common challenge we all have: the fight against climate change.

In addition, we will listen to and analyze the 100 selected innovative projects that seek to provide answers to the complexities of this world. That is why the title of our program is: “Decoding Complexity”.

In our edition from June 8th to June 10th, in Madrid, we will have a more than complete program where high-level global speakers will delight us with their vision and experience. The main topics are:

Intelligent – Complex Systems

  • AI & Data: Artificial intelligence and data science have become the best formula for building intelligent infrastructures with high efficiency and optimized results.
  • Connectivity: With the development of new technologies such as SaaS, satellites, cybersecurity and 5G we can build bigger connection networks.
  • Industry 5.0: Industry 4.0 had digital and physical integration at its core. Industry 5.0 goes much further, being efficient and highly technological with an indispensable role in sustainability.
  • Intelligent mobility: Through software development, automation and a sustainable mindset, the mobility sector is reshaping the way it operates and interacts with the user and the environment.

Innovation and Ecosystem

  • Success stories: Inspiration serves as a lever for entrepreneurs who seek to improve the world with their ideas. Analyzing the world of unicorns, companies and investors helps us to understand the path to entrepreneurship.
  • Education: Education is the foundation of any society. It must be continuous with no limiting stages. Companies have a leading role to play in investing in training for their team and in achieving consolidated growth.
  • Sustainability: The green economy is the present, therefore, we will help to understand the new needs to contribute to the fight against climate change, how to lead a sustainable business model where the results are positive or how to create products that contribute to the welfare of the ecosystem.


  • Energy Transition: We aim to understand where we are in the energy transition process and what is needed to achieve clean and abundant energy.
  • Agriculture and Food: We will analyze the whole chain of processes we go through to achieve sustainable production that generates health and wellbeing in society.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure: Technologies and society are advancing at a dizzying pace and cities are becoming smarter and more sustainable. Let’s identify together the needs, challenges and opportunities in creating the whole infrastructure network that makes up smart cities.
  • Investing in ClimateTech: What are the business opportunities we will see in the coming years that will allow us to have a positive and sustainable impact in addition to achieving our economic/social goals?


  • Financial inclusion: The evolution of the financial sector is marked by the integration of new technologies to create fintech solutions and services. We will analyze the roles of consumers, businesses and investors in this new financial approach.
  • Blockchain: Technologies have played a fundamental role in the construction of platforms such as Blockchain. We will learn how they have contributed and what benefits they bring in terms of security, decentralization and accessibility to the financial system.
  • Cryptocurrencies and NFT: Do you know how cryptocurrencies and digital assets benefit businesses and society when it comes to secure and reliable transactions?
  • Decentralized/Distributed Finance (DiFi): Technological advances are revolutionizing the financial sector by providing a myriad of solutions that are accessible to all.


  • Blockchain: How Blockchain allows us to decentralize information securely and what impact does it have in the future in a digital world?
  • Education: In education, technology has always been a key part of its evolution and accessibility, making learning continually reinventing itself.
  • Health: Technology serves as a tool to close gaps and make processes and services more functional. Accessibility and efficiency are key in the healthcare industry.
  • DApps – Connectivity: Let’s discover use cases of applications that are creating a more interconnected community of users. Refining distance, accessibility and communication itself.

Value Based Business

  • Impact Investment: Investing beyond profit means incentivizing initiatives that bring a triple win for the planet, society and business.
  • Conscious Consumerism (B2C): Through our practices as consumers, we can help build a more sustainable future and encourage brands to engage beyond words in building a sustainable future.
  • Talent economy: Sharing knowledge between communities to create change has proven to be a transformative force above all.
  • Health: Technology serves its purpose when it enables all people to live healthier and happier lives.


  • Net Zero: Analysis of the challenges and opportunities to achieve this goal from the perspective of business, investment and infrastructure, showing inspiring success stories (business models, positive results, policies, etc.).
  • Circular Economy: How industries can change their production models to make the best use of available material resources by applying three basic principles: reduce, reuse and recycle and generate a positive impact.
  • Bioeconomy: through a new understanding of how we can build our economic models, we can create opportunities to address complex interconnected challenges, while achieving economic growth.

New Dimensions

  • Metaverse: Understanding the scope of the metaverse as a new dimension where interoperability, digital ownership and blockchain structures are the new rules of the game.
  • Digital twins: What if we could test actions on a large scale and roll back if the result doesn’t work? Mirroring realities allows us to better interact with environments such as factories or cities.
  • Nature’s economy: Building vibrant economies with a high quality of life for all members is possible when natural resources are in coherence with the environment and the needs of the community.

The Voice of Professional Experience as Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

The experience and professional vision of more than 450 speakers will help us to cover each of the topics raised. In this edition we have the best specialists of international prestige.

Among them, we will be joined by Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States and known for his commitment to climate change as an environmental activist.  Al Gore, founder of the Alliance for Climate Protection and Generation Investment Management, will tell us about the challenge in which he is currently immersed: to find intelligent and sustainable transport solutions that reduce environmental pollution.

Another of the most outstanding participations is that of Pablo Isla, former Chairman and CEO of Inditex until last March. Pablo Isla, current Chairman of the International Board of Trustees of IE University and global advisor to the General Atlantic fund, was considered the World’s Best CEO in 2017 and 2018 by Harvard Business Review and the best CEO of the decade in 2020 by Forbes.

In addition, this edition is marked by professionals such as Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy, a project with which he managed to bring education to any part of the world; Marci Zaroff, founder and CEO of ECOfashion, committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion; the co-founder and CEO of SuperWorld, Hrish Lotlikar; the co-founder and CEO of Aerofarms, Marc Oshima; the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, Youth and Sport, Mariya Gabriel and David Berry, founder and CEO of Valo, among others.

The professional experience and motivation in the field of innovation and the business world will serve as an inspiration to all those entrepreneurs that encompass the growing ecosystem that we have today.

Organize your time during these three days to attend the best presentations, consult the full program in detail and never miss any of the top interventions of our edition:


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