June 8-10th | La Nave, Madrid

Our starting point: a sustainable tomorrow begins in Madrid. Get on board at La Nave and connect with the players who shape the future.


South Summit has an amazing line up speakers this year and all of them are confirmed. Wohoo!

ARENA DAY 1 – 8th of June, 2022
ARENA DAY 2 – 9th of June, 2022
ARENA DAY 3 – 10th of June, 2022
GROWTH STAGE DAY 1 – 8th of June, 2022
GROWTH STAGE DAY 2 – 9th of June, 2022
GROWTH STAGE DAY 3 – 10th of june,2022
PLAYGROUND DAY 1 – 8th of June, 2022
PLAYGROUND DAY 2 – 9th of June, 2022
PLAYGROUND DAY 3 – 10th of June, 2022
SANDBOX DAY 1 – 8th of June, 2022
SANDBOX DAY 2 – 9th of June, 2022
SANDBOX DAY 3 – 10th of June, 2022


10 Years Building Ecosystem – building bridges, making connections, building the most valuable network; now together we must decode our future, navigating the complexity of the world we live in.

We can unleash unlimited opportunities by decoding a complex world focusing on the intersections of industries & technology.

We live in an ever more interconnected world where the impact of our interdependence is felt more and more. The pace of change has continued to accelerate, and we advance at dizzying speed. The interconnected nature of our world has made everything more complex as the creation and access to information expands almost exponentially. Trends, technologies, and even industries have become transversal creating layer after layer of richness, depth, and opportunity. Complexity is hard, but it is also beautiful, and forms the basis for almost unlimited opportunity. Sustainable and inclusive products and services that help us navigate this complexity and harness its power will thrive, exposing the tools and solutions we have to hand that will help us construct this next chapter. Connections help us to navigate this complex world. Let’s explore the intersections of technology, trends, and industry. Embrace complexity. Leave no one behind. The intersection is where the magic happens.

Let’s decode our next opportunity!

8 New Tracks

Intelligent – Complex Systems

Identify new opportunities. understanding the complex and intelligent systems around us in AI & Data, Connectivity, Industry 5.0, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity, Smart Mobility.

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The mission is straightforward – we must stop emissions and significantly reduce the CO2 already in our atmosphere. The entrepreneurial community has a vital role to play. Let’s utilize innovation and our creativity to save the planet.  Explore Energy Transition, AgriTech, Food and Investment.

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How can we distribute and decentralize powerful technology to democratize value creation for all? Decode Decentralisation through Blockchain, Education, Health, Connectivity, Web3 Energy, Finance, Education, Work, Identity, and Cybersecurity.

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We need to rethink how we live to build truly nurturing ecosystems. Companies that thrive are the ones that hold the wellbeing of consumers and communities at their core.  Navigate Net Zero, ESG, and The Circular Economy in Fashion, Food, Mobility, Waste & Recycling.

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Sustainable Infrastructure

We are surrounded by infrastructure. We use them every day, to go to work, to bring our kids to school. And we will always need and build them. How can the infrastructure and construction sector contribute to a more sustainable world?

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Innovation & Ecosystems – 10 years

The entrepreneurial ecosystem exists through collaboration. Let us connect, collaborate, experiment, and explore to strategize and thrive together towards a common goal: reaching a green economy. Let’s celebrate our 10 years of ecosystem and shape the future.

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How can we decode and forecast current and future financial systems? What opportunities for inclusion will decentralisation create? Download the trends behind Financial Inclusion, Crypto & Blockchain, NFTs, and Distributed Finance (DiFi).

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Value Based Business

Let’s explore the opportunity of value-based businesses, creating a greater positive impact for everyone might just improve your bottom line.  Double click on Conscious Consumerism, Inclusion & Diversity, The Talent Economy, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Impact & Wellness.

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New Dimensions

The digital and the physical world are complex and hyper connected. In these new dimensions, communities and businesses must evaluate how true quality of life and value is being created.  Dive deep into the Metaverse, our Digital Twins, and the emerging Nature Economy.

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Build your Network


We are already building the perfect space and context for you to build and broaden your network, across 3 days and 7 stages, mingle with the most vibrant innovation ecosystem in the South. Day 1 hear from top European Leaders of the startup ecosystem talking about how we are going to take Europe to the next level to be an ecosystem of envy to the world. Day 2 we will kick off tackling climate change and figure out the best steps to net zero. Day 3 don’t miss our next generation of movers & shakers as we announce our South Summit Startup Winners for 2022, preceded by some of the world’s most exciting startup success stories. Find out more about our content space here.


11:00h – Three Keys to Decoding Complexity  (Arena Stage)

10:00h – Blockchain: the logic behind the metaverse (Playground Stage)

16:35h – Hello Earthling! The Metaverse Welcomes You (Arena Stage)

11:20h – Decoding the Next Ten Years of Food Systems (Arena Stage)

11:35h – Improving 1 billion Lives (Arena Stage)

16:50h – Madrid Gaming (Arena Stage)

09:30h Barter to Bitcoin: the history of money (Interview)

09:30h – Scaling at impact: A new model for Fashion (Arena Stage)

16:00h – The Rocket Science os Scaleup Ops (Arena Stage)

16:50h – Game Changer Series: Disrupting Global Industries from Madrid (Arena Stage)

12:45h – Game Changer Series: The Argentinian Unicorn Phenomenon (Arena Stage)

10:25h – Game Changer Series: Green Mobility & Logistics, Safer, Clearner, Faster (Arena Stage)

10:25h – Game Changer Series: Green Mobility & Logistics, Safer, Clearner, Faster (Arena Stage)

09:30h – The Secret Formula to Finding Soonicorns  (Arena Stage)


10:50h – Empowering the Next Generation (Arena Stage)

10:50h – Empowering the Next Generation (Arena Stage)

12:05h – Decentralization of Education (Arena Stage)

12:45h – Decarbonization is the Ultimate Goal (Playground Stage)

13:05h – The Race for Bioeconomy (Playground Stage)

10:30h – Interoperability: Is the metaverse truly an open platform? (Playground Stage)

Some of our Top Business Leaders confirmed

Al Gore

Former US VicePresident and sustainability activist

Pablo Isla

President of the Internatonal Advisory Board of IE University

Mariya Gabriel

European Commission for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education & Youth

Sal Khan

Founder & CEO Khan Academy

Iker Casillas

Founder Sportboost

Hadi Partovi


Ali Partovi


Marci Zaroff


Hrish Lotlikar

CoFounder & CEO SuperWorld

Marc Oshima

CoFounder & CMO AeroFarms

Lucile Cornet

Partner Eight Roads

David Berry

CEO Valo Health