9:30h EdTechs Accelerating Innovation & Building the education of the future (keynote) 

Katie Herritage, Global Leader, WWPS Customer Cloud Innovation and Acceleration Programs at Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

 9:45h Regional Governments Piloting with Startups: The Successful Case Studies of Madrid & São Paulo (Fireside chat)   

Rocío Suanzes, Govtech Ecosystem Specialist at IE PublicTech Lab (Moderator) 

Felipe Massami Maruyama, COO at IdeiaGov 

 10:05h Diversity & Inclusion In The Corporate World (Panel) 

Daniela Arruda, Wealth Management at BTG Pactual (Moderator) 

Marta Saft, CEO at Thoughtworks 

Lisiane Lemos, Diversity & Inclusion Recruiting Programs Director at Google 

Greta Paz, CEO at Eyxo 

10:35h Innovative Cities (Panel)  

Newton M. Campos, Country Director, Brazil at IE University (Moderator) 

Vicente Altmayer Perrone, Secretary of Economic Development & Tourism of Porto Alegre 

Leticia Batistela, President at PROCEMPA 

Luiz Carlos Pinto da Silva Filho, Secretary of Innovation of Porto Alegre / Head of Pacto Alegre 

Rodrigo Fantinel, Secretary of Treasury of Porto Alegre 

11:05h Innovation as a fuel for sustainable tourism (Panel) 

Lisandro Menu-Marque, General Director of International Development & Innovation at Avoris Co. (Moderator) 

Natalia Bayona, Innovation, Education & Investments Director at World Tourism Organization 

Suzanna Chiu, Head at Amadeus Ventures 

Roland Marie François de Bonadona, Director & Consultant at Bonadona Hotel Consulting 

11:30h Shared Living Space Revolution (Fireside chat) 

Eduardo Lorea, Founder & CEO at Numerik (Moderator) 

Gabriela Schwan Poltronieri, Founder & CEO at Rede Swan Hotéis Brasil & Portugal 

11:50h Wine Revolution – Innovation from the winery to your house (Panel) 

Diego Fabris, Founder & CEO at Wine Locals (Moderator) 

Ari Gorenstein, Co-CEO at Evino 

Patricia Carraro, Founder and CMO at Lidio Carraro Winery 

Fabiano Ruiz, Executive Director of Henkell Freixenet Brasil 

12:20h Most Innovative Startups 2022 (Keynote) 

José Saad Neto, Head of Insights at GoAd Media 

14:00h The Key Ingredient for a Successful Transformation in Government: Working with startups (Panel) 

Sofía Silva Carballido, Project Lead at IE PublicTech Lab (Moderator) 

Marcelo Facchina, Principal Executive in Smart Cities & Digital Government at CAF – Development Bank of Latin America 

Gloria Ramírez Alzate, Operations Lead at MiLAB Colombia 

Luciano Crisafulli, Director at Local Government of Córdoba 

14:25h The Impact of Data Across Sectors (Fireside chat)  

Maurício Moura, CEO at IDEIA (Moderator) 

Tiago Pascoal Filomena, Founder and Partner of Finor Data Science for Finance 

14:45h Sanitation 4.0: From Analogical to Digital (Fireside chat)  

Jonas Kneip Araujo , Technology Innovation Manager at Corsan (Moderator) 

Fabrício Butierres Santana, Researcher at Augen Engenharia e Inovação 

15:05h The Future of Constructech must be Sustainable (Fireside chat) 

Clara Bidorini, Business Development Manager at AWS 

Fabiele Nunes, Co-Founder & CEO at Startup Mundi 

Amanda Graciano Silva, Partner at Fisher 

Dani Junco, CEO at B2Mamy 

15:35h Ethical Approach in AI (Fireside chat) 

Henrique Dias, Data Scientist at NoHarm.ai (Moderator) 

Ernany Schmitz, Researcher in Ethics & AI Alignment 

15:55h How Blockchain & ESG Can Transform Consumers Behavior (Panel)  

Paulo Renato Macedo Cabral, Manager of Inovation Unity for Sebrae Nacional (Moderator) 

Eduarda Olivia Schneider, CEO at Agricon Business 

Diogo Barbalho Hungria, CEO at Startup Meu Pé de Árvore 

16:25 How AI Impacts People’s Lives (Keynote) 

Alexandre Del Rey, Founder & CEO of I2AI – International Association of Artificial Intelligence 

16:55h Emerging Opportunities for the Digital Brazilian Real (Panel)  

Wagner Martin, VP of Business Development at Veritran (Moderator) 

Rodrigoh Henriques, Head of Innovation at FENASBAC 

Fabio Araujo, Head Real Digital at Banco Central do Brasil 

17:05h The Cross Path Between Logistics & Fintech (Fireside chat) 

Alexandre Coelho, CEO at TruggHub (Moderator) 

Cleber Sanguanini, CEO at R4 Digital 

Thomas Gautier, CEO and Board member at Freto 

17:30 Fintech & The Revolution in Credit Offer (Fireside chat)  

Versione Mauro Souza Junior, CEO at Phi (Moderator) 

Marcelo Couto, CEO at Payly 

Pedro Henrique Coury Mac Dowell, CEO at Qi Tech