Porto Alegre

With 250 years of history, the city of Porto Alegre has a cultural plurality and a vocation for diversity that are reflected in the rich gastronomy and cultural and leisure attractions. Therefore, the experience at South Summit Brazil 2023 can be even more complete if you set out to explore the different options that the state capital offers. We highlight here destinations that are located or close to the Historic Center, neighborhood where Cais Mauá is located, stage of the event.

More than 80% of the architectural heritage of the Capital is in this region: there are museums, theaters, cultural centers, libraries, churches, squares and monuments, which provide a beautiful walk

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The extensive waterfront of Guaíba is one of the great attractions of Porto Alegre. In addition to the revered landscape with the spectacular sunset, the waterfront is a bustling place for leisure and sports activities, facilitated by the spaces and infrastructure installed, such as the revitalized part in the Parque da Orla Moacyr Scliar, the Parque do Pontal, the Parque Marinha do Brasil, the Public Dock of the Usina do Gasômetro, the Iberê Camargo Foundation and the nautical clubs.


The building of 1869 has more than one hundred stalls of national and imported spices, regional, religious and artisanal products, among other options.

Restaurants (some centenarians), cafes, snack bars and curious fairs, such as vinyl records and comics, make up the scenario.

The square, itself a postcard of the city, houses in its surroundings cultural spaces such as Santander Cultural, the Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum and the RS Memorial. Once you’re there, follow Rua dos Andradas towards Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana and Igreja das Dores (the oldest church in POA), with its monumental staircase.


Also known as Praça da Matriz or Praça dos Três Poderes, is surrounded by the Legislative Assembly of RS, Piratini Palace (seat of the state government), Metropolitan Cathedral and the São Pedro Theater, inaugurated in 1858. Leaving Praça Mal. Deodoro, follow Duque de Caxias street, where you will come across a beautiful view of the region from the Otávio Rocha Viaduct.


Built on the site of the former Matriz Church, in the highest part of the Historic Center, the Metropolitan Cathedral had its construction started in 1921. Designed by the Italian architect João Batista Giovenale, the imposing architecture of the cathedral, with a dome of classical Roman inspiration, stands out in the landscape as a religious symbol.


The Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana (CCMQ) is a space totally focused on cinema, music, visual arts, dance, theater, literature and holding workshops and events related to culture. The building, where the Majestic Hotel used to be, was built between 1916 and 1933 and later listed as a historical heritage site. The visitation is free every day, from 10h to 20h, with possibility of mediation. More information


Porto Alegre has 608 squares and 8 parks. Among them are: (View Map)

Parque Marinha do Brasil:

Parque Maurício Sirotski Sobrinho (Harmonia):

Parque Moinhos de Ventos (Parcão):

Parque Farroupilha (Redenção):


Host of the 1950 and 2014 World Cups and the 2019 Copa América, Porto Alegre has already hosted great football shows, and the rivalry of the duo Gre-Nal, Grêmio and Internacional, is considered one of the most fierce on the planet! It is worth including visits to Beira-Rio and the Arena in the itinerary, especially if there are games scheduled during your stay.




Located about 110 km from Porto Alegre in a nice path, Gramado and Canela are excellent tourism options. Both cities, located very close to each other, have a great lodging structure and offer gastronomy and leisure. So enjoy going to Serra Gaúcha before or after the South Summit Brazil and know these destinations that are among the most visited in the country!

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Want the best options of tickets and lodging in Porto Alegre during the South Summit Brazil 2023? Contact our official travel management partner Fellini Turismo and ensure that your experience is as pleasant as possible!

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