Engaging with the Brazilian innovation ecosystem

Over the next few months, the Brazilian ecosystem will be involved in warm-ups and experiences that prepare those involved for the South Summit Brazil 2023. Meet those who are the ambassadors and partners of this journey!

South Summit Brazil 2023 Ambassadors

This year we have a select group of important personalities for Brazilian innovation, who, besides engaging with startups in their community, will open doors and foster connections between Startup Competition participants and other players in the ecosystem.

Mariana Pincovsky

Executive Director Porto Digital

Porto Digital is one of Brazil’s leading technology parks, located in Recife-PE, with operations in the areas of information technology, communication, and creative economy.

Gabriela Alencar

Head of Projects Porto Digital

Porto Digital is one of Brazil’s leading technology parks, located in Recife-PE, with operations in the areas of information technology, communication, and creative economy.

Rafael Chanin

Head of TECNOPUC Startups

TECNOPUC is one of the main technology parks of Rio Grande do Sul and an ecosystem that involves public and private companies, startups and research centers. 

Débora Chagas

Ambassador Instituto Caldeira and Numerik

Instituto Caldeira is a non-profit initiative that connects people and initiatives in one of the main innovation hubs of Porto Alegre–RS.

Daniel Marigliano

Head of Partnership at FCJ Venture Builder

FCJ Venture Builder is the largest association of Venture Builders in Latin America. Founded in Belo Horizonte–MG, it has 40 ventures in Brazil and around the world. It carries out its work by boosting startups in various sectors.

Ula Amaral

Marketing Director at Bolder

Bolder, formerly Fábrica de Startups Brasil, is a reference company in innovation located in Rio de Janeiro–RJ, which develops corporate innovation through startups. It also has a connection with the ecosystem in Portugal.

Luciana Homrich

Head os Startups at Innoscience

Innoscience is an open innovation company that connects startups to the innovation challenges of large companies in the Brazilian market.

Lindomar Ferreira

Leader at Tucuju Valley

Tucuju Valley is one of the main innovation communities in the north of the country. Located in Macapá-AP, it is considered one of the 10 Breakthrough Communities by Startups Awards. They have several startups emerging in Brazil.

Felipe Matos


Abstartups is the largest non-profit startup association in Brazil. It also has one of the biggest startup events in Brazil, CASE.

Renata Zanuto


Cubo Itaú is one of the main communities and innovation ecosystems in Latin America, located in São Paulo-SP. It brings together and drives startups in the traction phase.

Anderson Diehl

Founder of Angel Investor

Angel Investor is the innovation community that brings together more than 150 members in favor of angel investment (made by individuals with their own capital in startups or companies with high growth potential) and the development of innovation opportunities.

André França

Senior Analyst at CNI

CNI is the main representative of Brazilian industry in the defense and promotion of public policies that favor entrepreneurship and industrial production.

Arthur Gibbon

President of Reginp and Director at OCEANTEC

OCEANTEC, one of the main technology parks in Rio Grande do Sul, located in Rio Grande-RS, is part of FURG and provides conditions for innovative projects with a scientific and technological base.

Fernando Luciano

Diretor Executivo na HotMilk

HOTMILK is an innovation ecosystem that has the necessary tools to generate knowledge, innovation and technology with the support of one of the most renowned institutions in the country, PUCPR.

Patricio Gigli

Executive Director of ASEA

The Association of Entrepreneurs of Argentina (ASEA) is an NGO that seek to encourage entrepreneurship in Argentina through the influence on public policies and the monitoring of entrepreneurs throughout the country.

Vinicius Campos 

Superintendent off Innovation at UFPEL

The Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) is a Brazilian public higher education institution, located in Pelotas/RS. It is one of the state’s leading colleges and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in all areas of knowledge.


To collaborate with the connection between participants and players in the ecosystem, the South Summit Brazil counts on partners from all over the country.