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Startup Competition 2019 Terms and Conditions


Spain Startup and Investor Services S.L. (hereinafter referred to as "SPAIN STARTUP”) in its commitment to innovation and creation of businesses, announces a new edition of the Startup Competition.

The aims of SPAIN STARTUP include strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem and promoting entrepreneurship.

The aim of this initiative is to display entrepreneurial talent to the international investment community, as well as to corporations seeking innovation, encouraging contact between both of them for potential investment, commercial or strategic agreements, as well as promoting startups participating in the event.

Spain Startup is a platform that brings together players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a pathway for creating opportunities. A meeting point for the most promising startups, leading international investors and corporations that are committed to innovation. Spain Startup is a professional tool that encourages interaction and the creation of business opportunities: visibility, access to finance and strategic agreements for startups, innovation for corporations and deal flow for investors. It is in short a place where enterprise, innovation and investment are a reality.

By holding South Summit, Spain Startup has become the leading meeting point for the entrepreneurial ecosystem worldwide.

On the occasion of the holding of South Summit, the Startup Competition is being organized with the terms and conditions included in this document.


The purpose of this competition is to select about 100 projects for submission as part of South Summit, which will take place on 2, 3 and 4 of October 2019.

Projects will be selected based on various criteria such as innovative proposal, feasibility, scalability, team and interest for potential investors.


This competition, organized as part of South Summit, is aimed at all those projects that are at an early stage of development (hereinafter referred to as "Early Stage") and those that are more consolidated (hereinafter referred to as "Growth"). The competition is open to all entrepreneurs, of legal age, whether they be natural or legal persons, and whatever their nationality.

There will be no territorial limitation to participate in the Startup Competition, so any local or international Startup may participate this year, the only requirements being those established in Section 4 of this document.

The participant certifies/states that all data/information submitted to SPAIN STARTUP is their own and not of a third party, as well as it is true, correct and accurate to the best of their knowledge.


4.1- In order to respect the different business initiatives and projects participating in the Startup Competition, the heads of those that are selected agree to attend South Summit on the days assigned to them as specified in Section 2 of this document.

Mere participation in the Startup Competition implies acceptance of the whole contents of these Terms and Conditions. Non-acceptance of any of the points that make up these Terms and Conditions entails non-participation in the Startup Competition and, in the event of being selected and/or winning, automatically renouncing the prize.

4.2 Applications must contain the following information:

  • Online registration form available at the South Summit website (www.southsummit.co) . Applicants must complete all sections in the form required as obligatory in English.
  • In case of being selected for the 2nd round of the evaluation process, applicants will be asked to upload a 3 minutes Elevator Pitch video in order to be evaluated by the Selection Committees.


5.1 The deadline for submission of projects will start on February 1st, 2019 and end at 23:59 on May 31st, 2019.

5.2 The selection criteria to be used for the selection of the 100 Startups are as follows:

  • Innovation, relevant and distinguishing innovative aspects.
  • Scalability, potential for internationalization and application in other countries.
  • Feasibility, technically and commercially feasible projects.
  • Team, relevant experience and commitment to the development and launch of its proposal.
  • Investable, interesting project for investors, financial institutions and/or companies

5.3 The Selection Committee will be appointed by Spain Startup. It will comprise an international network of investors, entrepreneurs and experts in various industries. This Committee will evaluate all the projects and will select the best graded ones (around 400 Startups). This first round of preselected Startups will be communicated around June 20th, 2019.

5.4 After this first round, the preselected Startups will be required to make an Elevator Pitch video. Requirements will be detailed in the previous days.

5.5 The around 400 preselected Startups will be evaluated by a Second Selection Committee, formed by representatives from companies and investment funds participating in South Summit. This Committee will evaluate the proposals and select about 100 projects. The list of those selected will be announced around 2019 July 20th, individually notifying selected participants by email.

The selected Startups will have access to the Startup Package, which includes:

  • Pitch to top-tier international investors, media and leading corporations
  • 3 free tickets for South Summit
  • Access to a demo-booth at a discount price
  • One on one meetings and matchmaking service with investors and big corporations
  • Fund book: Access to our fund book with first hand information about the investors attending the event
  • Corp book: Access to our corp book with first hand information about the corporates attending the event
  • Training program during the month of September (Pitch training, fundraising…)
  • Other benefits: Possible benefits would be included during the next month.

The approximately 100 projects selected to participate in South Summit will make a first presentation on the stage on October 2nd and 3rd, 2019 and will be graded by a jury composed by the main. This jury will select the finalists (around 10 Startups) that will make a second presentation on the Main Stage of the venue and again graded by another Jury.


The decision regarding the winning projects at the time of the verdict and award of the final award to the best project of each category from the around 10 finalists will be made by international and national investors, partners and specialists invited to attend the makeup of the Jury.


In order to respect the different initiatives and business projects participating in the Competition, those responsible for the former that are selected agree to attend South Summit 2019 on the days assigned to them.

All SPAIN STARTUP employees, shareholders and service providers are expressly excluded from participation in this Promotion, as well as their first degree relatives and the employees of those companies involved in the development and/or mechanics of this Competition.

Furthermore, SPAIN STARTUP reserves the right, unilaterally and without prior notice, to exclude any participant in the Competition, especially in those cases where it has suspicions or detects attempts to defraud, alter and/or disable, directly or indirectly, the smooth running and ordinary, proper course of this Competition.

Both the initial Selection Committee and the Jury appointed for different phases of the Startup Competition will have the ability to interpret and complete the Terms and Conditions of this competition and their decisions will be final and unappealable.

Non-acceptance of any of the terms and conditions of the legal rules of this Promotion will also involve the loss by participants of the right to obtain any prize that could arise from their participation in this Promotion.

Mere participation in the Startup Competition involves acceptance of the whole contents of these Terms and Conditions. Non-acceptance of any of the points that make up these Terms and Conditions involves non-participation in the Startup Competition and, in the event of being selected and/or winning a prize, automatically renouncing the prize.


All participants taking part in the Startup Competition declare that they have sufficient ownership of intellectual property rights (trademarks, etc), programmes and/or content included in their proposals, declaring through the acceptance of this Legal Notice that they do not infringe on any intellectual property right or any other rights that any third party may hold in Spain or abroad regarding the contents and exempting SPAIN STARTUP from any liability regarding the use of the above-mentioned programmes and/or content.

Specifically, and in relation to the content and images that participants may make public during the Competition, the latter guarantee and are liable to SPAIN STARTUP and third parties for the following aspects:

  • They are legitimate owners or holders of rights, granting SPAIN STARTUP the license for their publication and, where appropriate, have obtained the necessary consent from third parties to do so.
  • They do not violate applicable laws such as those relating to the right to privacy, image and/or honour, intellectual, industrial or similar property rights, or any right of a third party, either a person or an entity.
  • In the unlikely event that they publish personal details about another person during the course of the competition, they should have previously obtained their consent for the publication.

The participant will therefore be liable to SPAIN STARTUP for the accuracy of the details reported, ensuring that they do actually correspond to them and not to a third party, holding SPAIN STARTUP harmless from any demand or claim that, if applicable, could be made by third parties in relation to the above statements, and any legitimate right to the content that is published and/or provided to SPAIN STARTUP as part of the Competition.

The participants are in any event solely liable for the consequences of damages or actions arising from use of the content and/or programs included in their proposals, as well as their reproduction and diffusion.

Intellectual and/or industrial property for initiatives and projects submitted in the "Startup Competition" will - where appropriate in each case - belong exclusively to participants who submitted them.


Throughout the Startup Competition, confidentiality will be ensured with respect to the ideas and/or projects submitted by participants; organizers only being able to diffuse, at any time and through any means, the general characteristics of these, as well as the names of these ideas and/or projects and those of participants and, especially, the winners.


Startup Competition participants, and especially the winners, expressly authorize SPAIN STARTUP through the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, without any territorial or time limit, to establish, reproduce, disseminate and use by any printed, spoken and signed media, in any form, by any means and through any medium, their name, image and voice, as well as the general characteristics and names of the ideas or projects submitted, always respecting the provisions of the Intellectual Property and Confidentiality sections of this document, provided they are for advertising, information and/or promotional purposes relating to Startup Competition or The South Summit, without any right to compensation.

Networking at “South Summit”

On the occasion of the holding of the South Summit, a Networking tool will be enabled on this website by which those attending the event may, if authorized, share data provided in this registration procedure with the rest of attendees and access the data provided by the latter.

Given the above, those people who wish may authorize the sharing of their data through the mechanism specially provided in the registration procedure to the above-mentioned event, being able to revoke this consent at any time using the procedure outlined in the Privacy Policy section in this document.

Spain Startup Platform

Spain Startup is launching a new Innovation platform in this 2019 edition. This is a website aimed at encouraging interaction between companies committed to innovation (a description of the area or sector of interest will be published on the site) and entrepreneurial projects that add value in these areas. So, those people who wish may authorize their participation in the Spain Startup Innovation platform through the mechanism specially provided in the registration procedure to the above-mentioned event, being able to revoke this consent at any time using the procedure outlined in the Privacy Policy section in this document.


SPAIN STARTUP informs participants in the Startup Competition that it respects current legislation regarding the protection of personal data, pursuant to the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, as well Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, approving the regulations implementing it. SPAIN STARTUP informs you that the data collected through any data collection forms on the website www.southsummit.co or obtained in connection with the different registers in order to enjoy the various services offered on the Website - receiving content (newsletters) and participation in the Startup Competition and/or South Summit - will be included in an automated file of personal data for which SPAIN STARTUP is responsible, and users can at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition regarding their personal data, communicating via email to info@spain-startup.com or by writing to:

C/Monte Esquinza 28
28010 MADRID (Spain)

In these communications, please specify the name of the participant - attaching a photocopy of ID -your email address and, if applicable, the name of the company on behalf of which you completed the various forms on the Website.

The main legitimating base that enables those responsible for the processing of personal data of the participants is the execution of the participation in the Competition, because without the processing of their personal data their participation could not be carried out. Likewise, the participants authorize the responsible parties and potential assignees, to send content (newsletter) by means of their own consent through the forms established for this, without in any case the withdrawal of this consent conditioning the participation in the Competition.

In the use of the data included in the file, SPAIN STARTUP undertakes to respect its confidentiality and use it in accordance with the purpose of the file, i.e. to manage data regarding contact details and participants in the Startup Competition, in South Summit or in the Innovation platform, and to perform content delivery management (newsletters) and any others that might be indicated at the time of data collection, as well as complying with its obligation to store it and adopt all measures to prevent alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access in accordance with the provisions of the Document on Security Measures for automated files containing personal data, approved by Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11 June.

The participant agrees and expressly authorizes SPAIN STARTUP to transfer data to bodies promoting, organizing, sponsoring and participating in the Market-Place of The South Summit. The data transferred to such bodies will be included in the personal data files, these companies being responsible for those files, and the participant being able to contact them to exercise the rights granted to them by law.

The website provides participants who so desire, and as they have expressly agreed in advance, with the possibility of receiving notification from SPAIN STARTUP about content (newsletters) and marketing communications from the latter and third parties that may be of interest. Any commercial electronic communications will in any case be sent in accordance with Law 34/2002 of 11 July, on information society services and electronic commerce.

Personal data provided by STARTUP SPAIN participants must always be truthful and complete. If they are false, and if the prize corresponds to the participant, SPAIN STARTUP reserves the possibility of refusing the right to compete for the prize at any time.

Users participating in the Competition know and expressly accept that to manage and enable their participation and management of the prize, SPAIN STARTUP, in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, may use both their image and personal contact data and, in particular, their email address in order to communicate with the winner and to inform them of the steps to take to be awarded the prize.

Winners agree that their name will be published on the SPAIN STARTUP site as part of the management for their participation.

We inform the participants that they can revoke the consent for the processing of their personal data at any time by directing their request to the responsible previously indicated. In addition, participants may submit a claim to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection through their website if they have not been satisfied in the exercise of their rights.


SPAIN STARTUP reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, including the prize and/or its possible cancellation before the expected date of resolution, provided there is a justified cause, undertaking to publish these modifications through their website www.southsummit.co

Furthermore, if participants wish to make any modifications or cancellations related to the information provided, they must do so to the email address info@spain-startup.com


These Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish law and the participants and the organizer, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, are subject to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid for any dispute arising between the parties.