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Join Sacyr iChallenges!

Posted on 23 July 2018

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Sacyr launches iChallenges to collaborate with the innovative ecosystem in solving five business goals.

The programme promotes co-creation, through innovation projects, in which Sacyr will work with startups and other market players, such as technology corporations, universities, research centres, innovation consultants, etc.

Any interested innovative agent can join iChallenges until September 20 via the website

iChallenges reinforces the company's open innovation model, whose greatest exponent has been the Sacyr Innovation Awards, which this year celebrates its eighth edition and which, at this time, have recognized some of the most innovative startups on the market.

The five challenges launched by the Sacyr iChallenges Programme, which are detailed at, aim to optimise and improve, through emerging technologies, Sacyr's processes and business models in different areas such as engineering, infrastructure, concessions, environment and water:

- Smart cities: New models for identifying waste generated by each citizen in order to promote recycling

- Water: Application of virtual and augmented reality in water treatment plants

- Infrastructures: Advanced prediction of long-term pavement deterioration on roads

- Engineering: Intelligent planning of large construction projects

- Services: Internet of Things and analytical system for predictive road maintenance according to indicator management

The proposed projects to solve the challenges will be assessed and tested through a process of interaction with Sacyr's executives responsible for the five challenges. After that, the most viable proposals to solve the challenges may take the form of future collaborative projects.

Sacyr offers the innovative community joint work with its experts, access to its sales network, validation and scaling up of business models and the establishment of win-win commercial and strategic relationships, whose structure will be configured on a case-by-case basis.