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What is fundrasing?

By Claudia Dans | 24 July 2018

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Fundraising is the way to obtain economic resources, through the Internet, through a variety of online marketing actions based on a previous strategy, whose main pillar is history or, as it is called storytelling. This is a technique for attracting donations, mainly from non-profit organisations, by tools to thrill the population and get them to contribute of its charitable causes.

The most common thing so far has been fundraising with promoters who cross our path in any street. Now, the success of fundraising depends to a large extent on the digital marketing and communication strategy because the king of fundraising is the online media, where it is much easier to reach the public who are aware of a project.

How to attract this interest to raise funds? The key is in the design of the message, in creating a story that involves the donors, impacts their emotions and pushes them to bet on the project, with enthusiasm and a firm belief in the initiative. Communicating real-life stories will enhance how to reach these emotions.

In addition, it is essential to care for the digital image of the project, with a careful aesthetics, emotional and impressive photos and concise, clear and direct text. We must also work on increasing online visibility, through the good use of Google tools, strategic presence in social networks and constant communication, for example, through newsletters aimed at the specific target we have established. And don't forget the most important thing..... the call to action to make a donation! Remember to use a gentle formula such as "support the cause", "contribute to the initiative", " join our project ".

How can entrepreneurs use these fundraising techniques and strategies to leverage resources in an initial or growth phase of their startup? Entrepreneurs? have to consider all the above recommendations in order to attract financing through increasingly widespread alternative formulas such as equity crowdfunding and attract investors who will also become partners in their companies.

A very interesting formula for 'social startups', which have been immersed in their DNA to benefit society and improve the living conditions of the population, so they can more easily build a good storytelling, appeal to emotions and attract investment from the pockets more supportive and advocates of investment with values.

Don't hesitate more, and incorporate emotion and storytelling into your startup's communication!