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The Power of the South Summit Marketplace

By Craig Lawless | 28 September 2016

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Have you visited the South Summit Marketplace yet? If not then you should. It’s good. Really good. Let’s call it the perfect companion to help you discover who you want, should, and need to meet.

Say I’m a startup focused on wearables. By using the online marketplace I know that Orange are looking to meet startups in this area. I also know that they run an accelerator programme and are interested in the Internet of things, smart cities, smart metering, cyber security and more.

Then there’s Endesa - the leader in the Spanish electricity sector. I know that they want to address present and future energy challenges. I also know that they’re looking for startups with ideas in any part of the electricity value chain and in particular distributed energy, e-mobility, smart homes, and customer experience.

Corporations and investors can look for startups and vice-versa. If you’re looking for an accelerator programme there’s the global logistics operator Kaleido who are looking to talk about smart transport, smart warehouses, and smart trade.

Other accelerators include Endeavour España, Tech Hub, Seed Rocket and so many more all ready to chat to you come October 5th.

This online marketplace will be complimented by a real, physical space at South Summit for you to meet, greet, network and build relationships. It’s perfect to give you a head start in your networking and gives you the chance to really make the connections that will work for you.

Why not take a couple of minutes right now to visit the Marketplace? You can also meet all these startups, corporations, accelerators and institutions at South Summit by getting your ticket here.