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  • Conquerx
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  • ConquerX
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  • Founded in 2016
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ConquerX’s Ebegen technology provides customizable molecular profiling solutions to help decrease the cost and time of clinical trials, enabling drug efficacy measurement as well as fast and accurate stratification of patients. EbeGen is an electrochemical biosensor that can analyze multiple types of molecular targets in a single sample, without the need for amplification or sequencing, and ten times faster (total time of 30 min) than current technologies. While delivering faster results on biomarkers analysis, EbeGen enables quicker identification of low effectiveness compounds, saving precious save R&D time. EbeGen can save up to 10% of the cost per phase by reducing research of components with low effectiveness, and/or incorrect doses, as well as trials with patients not genetically susceptible to the drug.

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Jorge Sánchez

Jorge Sánchez