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Moirai Biodesign
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Several types of cancers, such as Accute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) are extremely aggressive and exhibit a high growth rate. Earlier treatment decisions are crucial for the outcome of the patients suffering from these diseases, specially for young people who often need fast access to donor lists. The current diagnosis processes might take up to three weeks, and usually a biopsy needs to be carried on for the proper assessment of the disease. We’re developing in-vitro diagnostic kits for the diagnosis of AML and other types of cancer, that perform liquid biopsy on a reactive paper strip. When a sample of blood from the patient is deposited into one of those kits, the reactive paper strip changes it color only if cancerous cells are detected. These kits are capable of delivering results within three hours, at a price ten times lower than current diagnostic methods and using only a sample of blood from the patient, thus eliminating the need of invasive, scary and painful surgeries.

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