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  • Finizens
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  • Finizens
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  • Founded in 2015
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Until now, people have been globally affected by unfavorable economic circumstances such as prolonged unemployment stages. These problems have been accentuated by the lack of tools to deal with these matters effectively, such as quality financial services accessible to all people. With the objective of offering a real and effective solution to these population’s challenges, at Finizens we have developed the first 100% digital investment platform accessible to everyone; in this way, as savings will be capitalized more efficiently over time, all of them will enjoy the opportunity to secure a better future. Leveraging the application of the latest financial technology ("robot-advisors") we have been able to create an automated investment product personalized to each person, with the lowest costs in the market (up to a 85% lower than average) and with the lowest entry minimum (€ 100). All this, combined with the best long term investment practices based on a ‘passive’ management strategy

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