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Cycle Farms
  • Cycle Farms
TypeStartup Country France Startup interested in Funding, Strategic Partnerships, Visibility
  • Cycle Farms
  • AgroTech
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  • Founded in 2016
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  • 5-10 employees

Cycle Farms is solving the problem of high and volatile costs (in both economic and environmental terms) of fish feed for aquaculture. Cycle Farms uses proprietary insect rearing technology to transform organic waste into protein in the form of insect larvae. Those larvae are then transformed into floating granulated fish feed pellets. This vertical integration allows Cycle Farms to beat the prices of other feed producers, even with higher quality products. Fish farmers get better feed conversion ratios, meaning faster growth and less money spent on under-perfoming feed. Cycle Farms provides a tremendous resource to local waste management services, increasing their organic matter valorization capacity and incentivizing better overall waste management practices. As an added benefit, Cycle Farms' insect rearing process produces a rich compost which can be used in organic agriculture. This encourages diversification among local farmers, improving local food security and nutrition.

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