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  • Ivary
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  • ivary
  • Medtech & Healthcare
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  • Founded in 2014
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  • 5-10 employees

78% of women believe they can get pregnant between the age of 42 and 54, when actually that applies to only 3-4% of women. As a consequence, many women postpone their family planning to a time when they are already infertile. At the age of 35, 25% of women already have a dminished or exhausted ovarian reserve with large variations from woman to woman. ivary has developed a software-based hormone test assessing women's ovarian reserve. We inform women about their current and future fertility so women can make informed decisions about their career- and family-planning. Women find out how their fertility will develop over time until the onset of menopause. The product can be used B2C with the help of a capillary blood test or B2C/B2B2C as SaaS to physicians and laboratories.

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Silvia Hecher

Silvia Hecher


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Virginia del Río

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