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  • Paytime
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  • Paytime
  • Media & Communications
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  • Founded in 2014
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  • 5-10 employees

Paytime is how people want to pay for digital content today. Digital advertising does not work. And without a viable solution, the whole ecosystem collapses. 1) Brands: Marc Pritchard, CBO at P&G, the largest advertiser in the world, recently said: "The current media environment is murky at best, and fraudulent at worst. We need a transparent, clean and productive media supply chain." 2) Publishers: have lost 70% of revenue and half their journalists in the last 15 years. Only 9% of people paid for their news online in 2016. Publishers need a new business model, built on advertising.3) Users: over half a billion currently use ad-blockers. And those younger than 24 years old, have adoption rates >50%. Legacy advertising is not viable in today´s mobile world. Paytime is a service which is offered inside the content. For instance, a newspaper, a video game or video streaming service. It lets users pay for the content with their time of attention, not with cash. A subscription to t

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