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  • Neosound
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  • NeoSound
  • Telecommunication
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  • Founded in 2016
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  • 2-5 employees

In NeoSound we develop digital signal processing technology that translates a sound into meaningful data such as customer emotions on a phone call. In other words our technology helps to comprehend and analyze the emotion of the person who speaks. We deliver our technology as a cloud API service that allows companies to integrate it easily into their call center software. For the customer service agents, it provides actionable data about the mood of their customers to make the best decisions to help the customer during the call. For supervisors and managers, we will provide reporting, that will help them track the quality of customer service. Currently supervisors do that by listening to a small sample of calls spending 35% of their working time! To use this time more productively we'll fully automate that process and provide insights about all the calls, not just a subset of them. Analysis of dynamics of customers' mood during conversations is important to increase customer service

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Denis Ardabatsky

Denis Ardabatsky

CEO and Co-Founder