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  • Babyguest
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  • BabyGuest
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Strollers, cradles, high seats, bottle warmers and so much more. When parents are leaving home with small children everything seems essential for a long trip or just a week-end. But there is an alternative to extra baggage. It’s BabyGuest, the only professional service allowing parents to travel light and helping all travel industries to become truly “kid friendly”. On people / industries can rent any equipment for babies aged 0-4 and purchase essential items for all the family with the certainty of receiving everything at their destination on the date and at the time established. In all EU countries within 48 hours. All of the items are compliant with international safety standards and are cleaned, sanitised and wrapped after each use. They are also given regular inspection and older items are replaced. We work both with the B2C and the B2B targets.

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Serena Errico

Serena Errico

Founder and CEO of Babyguest