Topics included

  • 1. Financial Inclusion: The evolution within the financial sector is integrating all players and technologies to create fintech solutions and services. Which are the roles of consumers, corporates, and investors in this new approach to finance?
  • 2. Blockchain (Infrastructure): How do technologies contribute to building the blockchain platform and what benefits does it bring in terms of security, decentralization, and access to the financial system?
  • 3. Crypto & NFTs: How cryptocurrencies and digital assets benefit businesses and society when it comes to secure and reliable transactions? Understanding digital ownership and its possibilities.
  • 4. Decentralised/Distributed Finance (DiFi): How technological advances are revolutionizing the financial sector providing financial solutions accessible to all.


Lucile Cornet

Eight Roads

Dr. Christian Nagel

Earlybird DWES Management GmbH & Co. KG

Jelena Zec

Citi Ventures

Nick de la Forge

Planet A