From ecommerce to delivery our daily lives have been digitized, digital platforms are simplifying the most common task breaking down barriers and removing intermediaries. The tech world has boomed in the consumer space, where will these digital giants take us now? And how will they influence and capitalize on new consumer trends. Hear from leaders and disruptors in retail and emerging trends in these industries.

  • Faster, freer, better – the irresistibility of convenience
  • AI in AdTech – knowing what we want before we even want it
  • Scratch that! It’s time to redefine the experience of shopping
  • The rise of the conscious consumer and how to reach them

Speakers: Astella Investimentos, Bobs, CABJ, Contabilizei, Giraffas, Itaú, Magazine Luiza, QuiQ, Rocket.Chat, Arezzo&Co, Evino, Freixenet Brasil, Ifood, Osklen