9:30h Startup me up: Hong Kong, a land of opportunity (Fireside chat)* 

Liz Fleming Chief Ecosystem Officer at South Summit (moderator) 

Jayne Chan, Head of StartmeupHK 

 9:45h U.S: Lessons Learned after launched more than 50 startups (Fireside chat)* 

Liz Fleming Chief Ecosystem Officer at South Summit (moderator) 

Cheryl Edison, Business Coach, Speaker, Startup Ecosystem Developer at U.S. Department of State 

 10:00h Boosting the opportunities in Impact Investment (Panel)* 

Luciano Gurgel, Executive Director at Artemisia (Moderator) 

Daniel Izzo, CEO at VOX Capital 

Maria Rita Spina Bueno, Executive Director at Anjos do Brasil 

10:25h Investment in Diversity (Panel)* 

Leany Lemos, President at BRDE (Moderator) 

Andreza Alves Rocha, Founder & CEO at AfrOya Tech Hub 

Anita Fiori, Lead Investment Officer at IDB Lab 

André Barrence, Head of Google for Startups 

 10:55h Growth Investment in Latin America (Panel)* 

Tássia Skolaude, CMO at Meta 

Maurício Sampaio Vidor, Partner at Muda Ventures 

Rodolfo Juliani, Vicepresident at LightRock  

Luiz Ribeiro, Managing Director & Co-Head of Brazil Office at General Atlantic 

Alex Anton, Partner at Global Founders Capital 

 11:25h The state of the Latin American Investment Ecosystem (Panel)* 

Annick Janssens, Director Venture Lab & Venture Network at IE Business School (Moderator) 

Anderson Thees, Managing Director at Redpoint eventures 

Ernest Sánchez, Managing Partner at Nuclio 

Susana Garcia-Roble, Senior Partner at Capria VC 

Miguel Arias, General Partner at K FUND 

 11:55h Working the bases: investing in early stages startups (Panel)* 

Carlos Pessoa Filho, Managing Director at G2D Investments (moderator) 

Cristian Olea, Managing Partner at Manutara Ventures 

Patrick Arippol, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Alexia Ventures  

14:00h How to internationalize your Startup in the US market: Myth & Realities (Panel)* 

Fernando de Castro Custódio, Business Architect at Atlantic Hub (moderator) 

Layon Lopes da Silva, CEO at Silva Lopes Advogados 

Isaac de la Peña, General Partner at Conexo Ventures 

Paulo Rogério Lino, Director at Texan Chamber of Commerce in Brazil  

14:30h Landing in Europe & the Globe (Panel)* 

Leticia Cabral-Calvillo, General Manager Spain & Global Business Developmentat at OXENTIA (moderator) 

Diego de Arístegui, Projects Director at Invest in Madrid  

Benicio Jose de Oliveira Filho, Country Manager Brasil at Atlantic Hub 

Fernando Herrero , General Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at City Council of Madrid  

 15:00h CVB vs. Acceleration: Differences, Challenges & Opportunities for Corporates & Startups working together (Panel)* 

Rodrigo de Alvarenga, Managing Partner at HAG Ventures / Head of Corporate Venture at The Bakery (Moderator) 

Andrei Golfeto, Head of Startups at Cubo Itaú 

Marie Timoner, Key Account Manager at BizDev & RX Ventures 

Gonzalo Parejo, Founder & CEO at Kamino 

 15:30h Key to Build a Fast-growing SaaS (Panel)* 

Filipe Garcia, Startup Program Manager at Wow Aceleradora de Startups (Moderator) 

Donisete de Souza Gomes, Founder & CEO at Movidesk 

Jonas Casarin, Co-Founder & CEO at Anotai 

 15:55h How to Manage High Performance Teams (Panel)* 

Martin Spier, VP of Engineering at PicPay 

Kelly Gusmão, Co-Founder & CPO at Warren Brasil 

Dener Lippert de Almeida, Founder & CEO at V4 Company 

16:20h Legal Challenges: Investment Agreements (Panel)* 

Luciano Fernandes, Founder at Fernandes Machado Business Law (Moderator) 

Anderson Diehl, Founder at Angel Investor Club 

Guilherme Enck, Co-Founder at CapTable 

Sergio Roberto Finger, CEO at Trashin 

16:50h Angel Investors & Accelaration (Panel)* 

Annick Janssens, Director Venture Lab & Venture Network at IE Business School (Moderator) 

Maria Alice Frontini, Digital Advisor, Angel Investor & Co-Founder MIT Alumni Brazil 

Fernando Seabra, Co-Founder of Angel Investor Club 

Wlado Teixeira, Board Member & Executive Director at GV Angels 

Sandro Cortezia, Founder & CEO VENTIUR Aceleradora 

17:20h Importance of Venture Capital Funds for the Startup Ecosystem (Panel)* 

Carolina Perroni Sanvicente, Founding Partner at Perroni Sanvicente & Schirmer Advogados (Moderator) 

Richard Zeiger, Partner at MSW CAPITAL 

José Augusto Albino, Founder & Tech Investor at Catarina Capital 

Gabriela Salles, VC Director at Yaya Capital 

Leonardo Teixeira, General Partner at Iporanga Ventures