9:30h Founders becoming Investors (Panel)* 

Paulo Deitos, Co-Founder at CapTable (Moderator) 

Aline Lucia Deparis, CEO at Privacy Tools 

Pedro Sorrentino, Partner at Atman 

Pedro Englert, Partner at StartSe 

 10:00h Families as Venture Capitalist (Panel)* 

Mayra Pádua, Partner at WHG (Moderator) 

Rodrigo Louro, Partner at Turim MFO 

Thomaz Figueiredo, Partner at Provence Capital 

Rodrigo Vieira, Partner at Caravela Capital 

 10:30h How Venture Builders increase the Startups Success Rate? (Panel)* 

Matheus Bernardes, Head of Startups at 4All (Moderator) 

Daniel Guerbatin, CEO at NEXPE 

Rodrigo de Alvarenga, Managing Partner at HAG Ventures / Head of Corporate Venture at The Bakery 

Lícia Souza, CEO at WeImpact 

 11:00h M&A As a Growth Strategy (Panel)* 

Maria Bofill, Partner at TozziniFreire Advogados (Moderator) 

Luciana Bevilacqua, Head of M&A at Gerdau 

Leo Monte   Ventures, Director at Torq Ventures 

 11:30h Early Exits (Panel)* 

Murilo Domingos, Acceleration Director at Darwin Startups (Moderator) 

Marcelo Amorim, Managing Partner at INVISTO 

Felipe Andrade, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at DOMO Invest 

12:00h You Are What You Invest In (Panel)* 

Maria Bofill, Partner at Tozzini Freire Advogados (Moderator) 

Francisco Jardim, Managing Partner at SP Ventures 

Leandro Pereira, Venture Capitalist at KPTL 

Marcelo Hoffmann, Partner at ABSeed Ventures 

Marcus Anselmo, Managing Partner at Terracotta Ventures  

14:30h Investment Opportunities in Gaming: Brazilian Scene (Panel)* 

Paulo Roberto Ribas, President at Confederação Brasileira de Games & iSports (Moderator) 

Ivan Sendim Silveira, Founder at  ADJogos RS 

15:00h Finance for Good (Panel)* 

Francisco Deppermann Fortes, Director at 4YOU2 Idiomas (Moderator) 

Itali Pedroni Collini, Principal at Potencia Ventures 

15:25h Growing Investments in Construtechs & Proptechs (Panel)* 

Juliano Prado, Vice-President at Gerdau (Moderator) 

Marcus Anselmo, Co-Founder of Terracotta Ventures 

Fred Jose Fernandes, Partner at Potato Valley Ventures 

15:50h Seed Investment: The evolution in Latin America (Panel)* 

Thomas Job, Executive at Instituto Hélice (Moderator) 

Gustavo Casarotto, Product Director & CVC at Metadados 

Geraldo Sirotsky Melzer, Partner at ABSeed Ventures 

Leandro Volanick, Co-Founder of Manfing 

Sandro Cortezia, Founder & CEO at VENTIUR 

16:20h Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (Fireside chat) * 

Newton M. Campos, Country Director, Brazil at IE University 

Tulio Barbosa Gomes, CEO & Founding Partner at TGB Investimentos  

16:40h Acceleration Processes in Startups, The 360º vision (Panel)* 

Lisiane Maldaner Astarita de Limas, BRDE (Moderator) 

Daiana de Leonço Monzon, Innovation Director at Universidade FEEVALE 

Julio Milani de Lucena, Founder at AlterVision 

Antoine Moreau, Innovation Leader at Enaex Brazil 

Franco Pontillo, General Partner at DOMO Invest 

 17:10h Training Up for Scaling (Keynote)* 

Maria Isabel Antonini, Co-CEO at SINGU 

 17:25h Broadening Company’s Results through Internationalization (Panel)* 

Tiago Pessoa de Mello, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Stone 

Laura Vilarinho, Innovation Director at Brain 

João Pedro Brasileiro, CEO at Innovation Latam  

Rodrigo Teixeira, Chief Executive Officer at Groove Digital Brasil  

17:55h Speeding Up Ideas (Fireside chat)* 

Alcir Cardoso Meyer, Head of Startups at Sebrae 

Felipe Spina, Co-Founder & CEO at Maestro ABM 

 18:15h What do Funds look at before investing in a Startup (Panel)* 

Elias Graziottin Rigon, Venture Capital & Innovation Development Advisor at Badesul (Moderator) 

Fernando Wagner da Silva, Head of Venture Capital Crescera Capital 

Franco Pontillo, General Partner at DOMO Invest 

Eduardo Sperling, Partner at KPTL