9:30h Founders turned investors: from exit to VC (Panel) 

Ander Michelena – Founding partner at All Iron Ventures 

Claude Ritter – Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Cavalry Ventures 

10:00h Opportunities in the USA (Panel) 

Eyal Goldman – Founder & CEO Goldman Consultancy (moderator) 

Justin Jackson – Partner Pegasus Tech Ventures 

Monica Vidal – Lattice Capital Partners 

Isaac de la Peña – General Partner at Conexo Ventures 

10:30h  The Italian Tech Opportunity (Panel) 

Stefano Guidotti – Partner at P101 VC 

Lisa Di Sevo- Founder and Managing Partner at PranaVentures 

Paolo Gesess – Founder & Managing Partner at United Ventures 

11:00h The rise of VC platforms: how investors structure the value they add to companies (Panel) 

Diego Recondo – Managing Partner at All Iron Ventures 

11:30h Investing in sustainable infrastructures (Panel)  

Miguel Nigorra – Partner at Fifth Wall 

Talia Rafaeli – Partner at Kompas 

12:00h Decoding Co-investing Across Europe (Panel) 

João Miguel Dias – Principal at Armilar Venture Partners (moderator) 

Rick Hao – Partner at Speedinvest 

Pauline Roux – Partner at Elaia 

12:30h Investing in the unbreakable code (Panel) 

Alberto Gómez -Managing Partner at Adara Ventures 

Lyall Davenport – Principal at Claret Capital Partners 

Egita Polanska – Partner at Startup Wise Guys 

15:30h Can we hack the growth in a Product Led Growth business? (Panel) 

Itxaso del Palacio – Partner Notion VC (moderator) 

David Peterson – Partner Angular Ventures 

17:10h Madrid Through the Eyes of Investors (Fireside chat) 

Yuval Avni – Co-Founder & Partner at Swanlaab Venture Factory 

Mark Erik Kavelaars – Chairman & Founder Swanlaab Venture Factory 

17:30h Born in Madrid, Championing the World (Panel) 

Jose Miguel Herrero – Managing Partner Big Sur Ventures 

Cristobal Alonso – Global CEO at Startup Wise Guys 

José del Barrio – Founding Partner Samaipata VC 

Rocío Pillado – Partner Adara Ventures