Be in good company

Be in good

The place to be. Join today’s most disruptive ecosystem, shared by corporations like you, visionary investors and startups eager to work with you to shape the future.


A paradise for corporates

1. Visibility

Gain exposure and brand positioning within the entrepreneurial community. Meet government and public authorities with high activity in the innovation ecosystem.

2. Innovation

Fast-track your way to the green future: access a unique pipeline of fellow innovative companies and approach investors with wide portfolios of disruptive companies.

3. Business

Unveil the best collaboration opportunities with the wide South Summit community. Introduce your company to a peer network of innovation teams and recruit enthusiastic young talent.

Perks in person

Enjoy the advantages of attending South Summit
the corporate way:


Introduce yourself to a peer network of innovation and collaboration opportunities.


Gain access to unique
pipeline of innovative companies
and talent.

Shared Knowledge

Connect with the corporate community and share experiences to grow.


Discover a huge pool of the most visionary, local and international investors.

The voice of your peers

Meet the corporate shapers

Meet some of our finalists

They have started shaping the future