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Next Gen

Did you know that the most successful entrepreneurs start hustling in the playground?


Welcome to South Summit Next Gen!

1 —

They were the kids who traded toys during recess.

2 —

They’re the students who come alive in group projects at school.

3 —

They’re the teenagers who challenge the status quo.

And what do these innovative minds have in common? They know how to identify problems and find creative solutions on the spot. If this sounds like you, you might just be a natural-born entrepreneur. And if you’re between the ages of 14 to 17, we want to help you reach your full potential.

IE University and South Summit have joined forces to create South Summit Next Gen. This life-changing international event will take place on October 4, just one day before the main South Summit event. Featuring a dynamic hybrid format, you will be joined by a diverse mix of high-potential students from the greatest schools, attending online from countries around the globe.


This are some of the important dates to

remember if you are thinking to apply

South Summit Next Gen:


September 16th: Call for the top international schools


September 10th: Speakers & Content confirmation


September 17th: Final teams selection process

September 23rd & 24th: Mentoring sessions & Pitch preparation


October 4th: pitch your innovative projects and ideas

– 20.000 attendees

​– 1300 investors

– 3700 projects

– 25% of IE University’s alumni go on to start their own companies

​– IE Business School won 1st place for entrepreneurship in Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s 2019-2020 ranking


Why attend?

Because you’re never too young to change the world!

​Going to South Summit Next Gen is the first step towards your bright future as a game-changing entrepreneur. This exciting initiative is supported by South Summit — a leading entrepreneurship event that connects innovative startups with investors and corporations. And this time, the focus is on young disruptors like you.


Build upon your lightbulb moments to shine a light on your creativity. Throughout the day, students from different regions will be given the floor to pitch their innovative startup ideas.


Get exclusive training and masterclass from the best professionals previous to the encounter. You will perfect your pitch and learn what you need to get to the top of this competition and the ecosystem.


Top sector-leading experts will share their insights and tips for you to get to grips with the startup world. After you hear their inspiring stories, you’ll be following in their footsteps in no time.


Listen to experts and representatives talk about what schools are doing to promote innovation. Is there anything else you could be doing to showcase your skills at school?

Did you know…

Entrepreneurs are three times more likely to have rebelled as teenagers.

36% of student entrepreneurs started their own businesses during their studies.

Startups with two founders are the most successful. Which of your friends could you start a company with?

69% of student entrepreneurs would like to work in a startup. How can you stand out from the rest?

Register your project and become our first Next Generation Entrepreneur winner!