I lead noga, where we are passionate about sharing Israel's “venture spirit” and entrepreneurship "mindset" with Latin American and Iberian organizations. We create and implement open innovation programs. We consult and scout for innovative technologies in Israel and Europe and connect them with large corporations. We work with Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and now also in IBeria. We also have a Strategic Partnership with Bimbo Ventures in Israel.
I am focused on what I love to do; innovation processes and methodologies, consulting, lecturer and workshop facilitator.
My vision is to get results by linking innovation and technology with growth mindset and Resilience.
Before noga, I was the co-founder of a Startup focusing on Positive Psychology, before that, I conducted workshops on innovation in Latin America sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Foreing Affairs (where I still lecture). I am an expert in marketing research, with almost 20 years of experience. I have a master degree in Research Psychology from Bar Ilan University in Israel.