Born in Valencia in 1964, in a family of wide textile tradition, Enrique studied Business at the University of Valencia, and later completed his training with the PDD of the IESE Business School.

Enrique began his career as an entrepreneur by founding several companies operating in the textile and technology sector: Ibercloth, Terza Via, Sinetex, Medlife, GFK, all under the umbrella of the Eurotrend Group. In 1994 Enrique Silla created Jeanologia, with the foundational objective of developing technologies that transform the textile industry, turning it into an example of efficiency, ecology, and ethics.

In the same 94, he collaborates with the multinational “Courtalds Fibers” in the 5 continents to introduce the last of the textile fibers, the TENCEL. In 1997, Enrique directs the group of engineers who bring sewing and finishing solutions to “Du Pont-Lycra”, to make elastic jeans a reality, thus transforming the largest textile consumption product on the planet. Already in 1999, Enrique leads the Jeanologia group that designs and manufactures the first textile Laser.

In 2008, he decided to leave the rest of business activities to focus on Jeanologia, and at that time Jeanologia went from being a small consulting and textile technological company to a world leader in eco-sustainable technologies for apparel production.