With vast international experience in business development, I joined Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator in 2018 as a Senior Program Manager, leading a team of seven associates. Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator is a program focused on helping international and Israeli startups, across all verticals, learn from one of the world's most unique and innovative ecosystems, Tel Aviv. At Techstars, I develop the program plan and am responsible for the successful execution of the program that includes sourcing and selecting the right companies for the program, tracking quality, ensuring that all operations are carried on effectively, and establishing meaningful customer success metrics. I also manage relationships, and coordinate scheduling of mentors, investors, and corporations. Prior to Techstars, I worked in several strategic consulting and business development roles in Vienna, Berlin, and India. I moved to Tel Aviv in 2018 to join Techstars and make an impact on the Israeli high-tech ecosystem by helping entrepreneurs and investors reach the biggest opportunities possible in order to keep growing their businesses. As an avid forward thinker, who loves a good challenge, I am passionate about finding creative, unconventional solutions and understanding the real needs of customers and markets.