B.A. Double Major in Law and Economics in Deusto University. Diploma in Regional Co-operation & Integration Processes, Institute of International Studies, University of Chile. Executive MBA ESE University of the Andes. And is currently pursuing Executive Education at Harvard Business School USA.

He commenced his professional career as technical assistant of Basque Mexican Institute in Mexico 1999, and later as Basque Delegate in Chile 2000-2006, going on to become Foreign Relations Adviser, coordinator of Basque Government delegations in America in the Office of the Premier Basque Government 2007-2009.

In June 2009 started working as entrepreneur, partner CMO and Sales Manager of Biolan Biosensor Company and running other startups.

Koldo started working in the Government of Biscay in November 2015 as Director for Foreign Affairs. Since 2017, he has boosted an ambitious project to establish a large entrepreneurship ecosystem in Bizkaia, for which he has maintained exhaustive relationships with some of the most active innovation and start-up nodes in the world.
In this context and thanks to the tax power which the Territory of Biscay has, the Government of Biscay is developing an alternative Finance Hub focused on the SME.

In September 2019 he was designated as FDI Director, to coordinate and led the foreign investment in the Territory. He is also coordinating some of the most transformative projects in Bizkaia.