AWDT Founder, Researcher, Farmer, Director, Thought Leader, and ardent supporter of women. She is a visionary leader who has followed her heart-unafraid to tackle challengers and is driven to make a difference to the NZ Primary Industry. Creating the Agri Women’s development Trust has led to a transformation in NZ’s food and agricultural sector through unleashing the talent of women.

Her personal philosophy around diversity and inclusion is “leave no one behind” She has led the design and implementation of leading-edge leadership and governance programs where 65% of women now have C suite and governance roles they did not have before to creating programs for women food producers and recently indigenous women.

She believes women hold the key to supporting and leading much of the change that needs to happen globally and is active around the world supporting women’s empowerment.

In 2017 with friend Theresa Gutting, they created Worldwomen17 a three-day event which brought renowned international speakers to a 480-strong urban and rural audience. In 2018 she travelled to PNG to address APEC on empowering women in agriculture. As well as offering strategic advice to the Scottish Government as they develop a strategy for Agri women. Her work in the agri sector and with women allows her to influencing mainstream media from women’s magazines to supporting Television- connecting the stories of women food producers to their consumers. She is a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to agriculture and women, 2013 Next Businesswoman of the Year and named by Primary Magazine as one of the top ten women in agriculture.