Startup, it’s time to leave the garage

Startup, it’s

time to leave

the garage

We know what you’re looking for as a startup, because we once were one too. Make the connections and funds you need to open your garage doors so that the biggest investors and most innovative companies get to know you.


We are expecting you

You are neither late nor early: unveil the possibilities of joining the ultimate springboard for new businesses this year.

1. Funding

Money isn’t everything, but it helps quite a bit.

Get in touch with investors and companies eager to invest in your project to make it real.

2. Innovation

You already know what your acquaintances think.
Meet the peers that think just like you and discover how far innovation can take a project.

3. Business

This world is all about making deals. Here’s our offer: if you come, we help you make business and skyrocket your startup all the way to the top.

A figure is worth a thousand words


in funding, raised by the finalist




millions raised in 2021 by the finalist


funds under management by our investors

Meet the best investors

Find out if you are the next big deal

Our world-class Corporates

Surround yourself with the biggest companies


Stand out 

We know how important it is to know people and make connections for your business to grow, but it is equally important for people to know you. Tell the world about your project and gain visibility through your own booth. Contact us to know more.


Meet our Hall of Fame

They started up their journey to shape the future

“South Summit brought me the opportunity to meet  some of the most disruptive and interesting peers”

“It definitely gave us the opportunity to take off thanks to the investment we earned”

“It is a wonderful place for a small business to participate in.

I got to know some of the  professionals that I look up to”

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