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Marta del Castillo


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Ana Garrido

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Head of Business Development

Asís Mortera

Business Development Manager

Nélida Alonso

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Business Development Manager

Chloe Alarcón

Head of Production

Alejandro Colmenares

Event Producer Manager

Daniela Morales

Event Producer & Designer


Event Producer & Designer

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Álvaro Quesada

Head of Content

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Content Manager

María Lada

Head of Startups

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Startups Manager

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Pipo Yraola

Communication Manager

María Benjumea

Founder & President

From the beginning of her professional path, Maria Benjumea has always been linked to the development of Business Projects. In 1979, she founded Taller de Arte; followed by the creation of Círculo de Progreso in 1982, which turned into Infoempleo, where she was CEO until it’s acquisition in 2009 and president until 2012 when she founds Spain Startup.

  • Vice-president of Círculo de Empresarios from 2012 to 2015

  • Gold Medal for Merit at Work in 2016

  • Senate of Spain Award for Professional Career in 2019


There is only one place

where innovation

meets business.


Where business

connects with sustainability

and where sustainability

thrives through change.


That place is us.

Not a place.

The place.

Where entrepreneurs,

investors and companies

create new opportunities

without limits.

An open ecosystem.

Of open doors and open minds.

Open arms.

Our way.

We must reset.

A new beginning

With a common goal:

to shape tomorrow

through shared opportunities.


Creating alliances today

that consolidate the future.

The journey starts here,

where things happen.


For three days.

For the rest of the year.



Let's make it happen together.


South Summit

Shape the future

The only possible future.


The sustainable future.

Since then, we have helped transform businesses through innovation with the collaboration of more than 20,000 startups from all over the world, including some of the most internationally traded startups. And to do so, we have involved the most important leaders of our time and some of the most important figures in global entrepreneurship, making each of our meetings an enriching and unforgettable experience.


In 2012 Spain Startup, with the collaboration of IE Business School, saw the business opportunity that entrepreneurs offered to be the driving force to help overcome the economic crisis.


With this conviction, we created a platform to showcase the talent and innovation of international startups to the world and help them connect with the investors and corporations most committed to innovation.

We know that innovation and entrepreneurship are, today more than ever, the pillars for the economic revival that the world needs. That is why at South Summit we drive economic transformation through innovation and sustainability.

We are the Leading Global Platform for Innovation that connects the main innovators in the ecosystem with the most powerful investors and corporations.

We integrate the best of the digital and in-person worlds so that startups, investors and corporations can find a meeting place 365 days a year where they can generate business opportunities through innovation.



South Summit brings together startups, corporates and investors to connect and shape the future.

© 2021 South Summit. All rights reserved.

Made with love in Madrid.

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