Startups Premiere

South Summit will attract the best and most disruptive talented startups in the region through the organization of Startup Premiere. A space in which we will present the most innovative projects with greater potential for scalability in the Pacific Alliance.

Startup Premiere

Our complaint announce our 40 startups selected for 2017:

Startup Selection Criteria

  • Scalability, having a clear business plan that involves its internationalization or that have already initiated internationalization actions previously.
  • Disruptive proposals.
  • Have full-time staff.
  • Have a pilot project already tested.
  • Have been accelerated previously.
  • Can be focused on any sector of the economy

Benefits for the 40 selected startups

Participating on IE Business School Bootcamp in conjunction with the four countries’ entrepreneurial ecosystems.
Pitching of its proposals to investors and large corporations that bet on open innovation.
The opportunity to connect and generate strategic alliances with other Latin American and European companies, large corporations and investors.
One-on-one appointments with international investors and corporations interested in developing open innovation.
Access to the Investors Book, Corporate Book.

Competition Process

Aug 18th, 2017 Selection process of potential participants by country of the Pacific Alliance
Oct 20th, 2017 Publication Selection 40 startups coming from the 4 countries of the Alliance
Nov 2nd, 2017 Masterclass of preparation to the selected startups
Nov 3rd, 2017
Nov 20th, 2017
Coaching sessions
Nov 30th, 2017 Bootcamp by IE Business School
Dec 1st, 2017 Rock&Roll @ South Summit!

Data of Interest

40Startups in the internationalization phase 50Participating Speakers 4Countries represented World Economy