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South Summit provides you the best international stage to connect with entrepreneurship and innovation. Our 365 days a year omni-channel activation gives global exposure to our partners' initiatives and key messages, multiplying connections and business opportunities for all.

Our team of corporate advisors actively accompany all the key players in the innovation ecosystem, generating connections together that would have not happened otherwise and generating business opportunities for all of them.

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The reach of the omni-channel format and our communication channels give you global visibility, both digital and face-to-face, to a highly qualitative international audience.

We connect you with the most disruptive startups of the moment to generate business opportunities for both of you. Coordinating 1:1 meetings, participating in the jury and the selection of finalists committees or unlimited access to our startup platform are some of the possibilities at your disposal.

We offer a qualitative presence of your brand in the main media during institutional events with the authorities (opening, award ceremonies and closing ceremonies), enhancing its awareness and recognition.

We offer innovation support with our services 365 days a year to solve the specific challenges of our partners with our tailor-made plans. You can also participate in all online and offline initiatives organised throughout the year to promote debate about innovation.

Your guests participate in exclusive events and meetings with top leaders, including access to our Social Suwillmmit VIP events.

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South Summit brings together startups, corporates and investors to connect and shape the future.

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