10:00h Blockchain: the logic behind the metaverse (Panel) 

Martín García – General Partner at BitKraft VC (moderator) 

Chris Ebeling – Co-Founder & Creative Director of Virtually Human Studio 

Alexis Bonte – Group COO of Stillfront Group  

Carlos Solana – Virtual Economy, Web3 & Metaverse Director Grupo MediaPro 

10:30h Interoperability: Is the Metaverse Truly an Open Platform? (Panel)  

Miguel Angel Fito – CEO of Uttopion 

Sam Hamilton – Creative Director at Decentraland Foundation 

Cai Felip – CEO at Union Avatars: Linking Realities  

11:00h The Real Estate Opportunity in the Metaverse (keynote)  

Hrish Lotikar – Co Founder & CEO of Super World 

11:15h Formalizing the Metaverse (Panel) 

Gemma Galdón Clavell – Founder & CEO at Eticas 

Mariona Pericas Estrada – Senior Associate at Finreg360 

11:45h Optimizing Energy efficiency (Panel)  

Pol Valls Soler – Co-Founder of Submer 

Francois Sonnet – Co-Founder of SolarCoin 

12:15h Navigating Energy Transformation (Panel) 

12:45h Future Proofing the Grid (Panel) 

Alberto Méndez Rebollo – CEO at Plexigrid 

Gabriel Nebreda – Managing Director at EDP Solar 

12:15h 360 View of Energy (Panel) 

Borja Sáez - Co-Founder & CEO at Perfecta Energía  

Carlos Rey – Manging Director & Head of Iberia at Foresight Group 

13:45h Measurements & Models for Investing in ClimateTech (Panel) 

Oriol Juncosa – Co-Founder of Encomenda Smart Capital (moderator) 

Nick de la Forge – Managing Partner at Planet A

Gonzalo Muñoz – Founder of TriCiclos / Founder of Manuia 

15:50h Personalized Medicine Through Data (Panel) 

Michael Geer – Co-Founder at Humanity (moderator) 

David Berry – CEO at Valo Health 

Luis Filipe Carvalho Valente – CEO & Co-Founder at iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fibe

16:20h Addressing in the elephant in the room: Mental Health (Panel) 

Roberto Saint-Malo – Managing Partner at BetaAngels (moderator) 

Carolina Amorim – Co-Founder & CEO at Emotai 

Emilia Molimpakis – Co-Founder & CEO at Thymia 

Demian Bellumio – Co-Founder & CTO at Nue Life Health 

16:50h Imagining a New Paradigm in HealthTech (Panel) 

Laura Soucek – Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Peptomyc 

Jordi Carrera – Co-Founder & CEO at Deepull 

José Antonio Mesa – Partner at Alta Life Sciences 

17:20h Transforming to Improve (Fireside chat)  

Joe Haslam – MC at South Summit (moderator)