10:00h Building Stellar Teams (Panel)  

Silvia Martínez Losas – Managing Partner at Lexcrea 

Patricia Pomies – Chief Operating Officer at Globant 

Eva de Mol – Managing Partner at CapitalT 

Sarah Haynes – Founder & CEO Dr. Haynes Collective 

11:10h Cognitive cities: Beyond Smart (Fireside chat) 

Fabio Lancellotti – Partner at Aster (moderator)

11:45h Infrastructure Making Mobility Happens (Panel)  

Fage – Co-Founder & COO (Moderator) 

Chris Thomas – Co-Founder & Partner at Assembly Ventures 

12:15h Unlocking the Power of AI in Industry (Panel) 

Unai Franco – Managing Partner at White Peak Partners (moderator) 

Luma Boaventura Favarini – Co-Founder & CEO of AI ROBOTS 

Milan Kocic – CEO Sixth Sense 

12:45h Decarbonization is the Ultimate Goal (Panel) 

Mathias Wikström – Co-Founder & CEO at Doconomy (moderator) 

Ayesha Iqbal – Head of Venture Building at Anglo American 

Jelena Zec – Investor at Citi Ventures 

13:05h The Race for Bioeconomy (Panel) 

Rokas Peciulaitis – Managing Partner AT Contrarian Ventures (moderator) 

Ananya Manna- Investment Director at ECBF 

Charles Miller – Commercial Director at Solynta 

13:35h Helping in the Transition to a Greener Economy (Panel) 

Pepe Raventos – CEO & Winegrower at Raventos i Blanc 

15:50h Making Smarter Decisions for Planet Earth (Panel) 

Hugo Augusto – CEO at Semapa Next (moderator) 

Ion Padilla – Co-Founder & CEO at Wegaw 

Indra den Bakker – Co-Founder & CEO at Overstory 

Emiliano Kargieman – Founder & CEO at Satellogic 

16:20h Value creation within Waste (Panel) 

David Romero Vindel – COO at Reciclalia (moderator) 

16:40h Green real state (Panel) 

Talia Rafaeli – Partner at Kompas (moderator) 

Carlos Gomez – Founder & CEO at Vivla 

Miguel Nigorra – Partner at FifthWall 

17:10h Structuring the Token Economy (Panel)  

Nicolas Debock – Managing Director at Eurazeo (moderator) 

David Cierco – Executive Director at Digital Alliance 2030 Foundation 

Pablo Rodrigo Juan – CEO at Trazable 

17:40h Empowering SMBs through Tech (Panel) 

Ian Marsh – Partner at DN Capital (moderator) 

Carles Marcos i Guàrdia – Country Manager Spain at Qonto