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Mindfulness with the Incredible Mario Alonso Puig Posted By Craig Lawless on 29 September

When faced with adverse or unfamiliar circumstances, our body’s natural reaction is to become anxious and negative. Our brains have a habit of re-living past stresses and worrying about future problems, which can become an obstacle to our mental health. Emails, meetings, questions, texts, phone calls, and projects are all stress-inducing stimuli. 

Mindfulness is used as a way to master your thoughts and feelings rather than be controlled by them. By freeing yourself from stress you can achieve a clear mind. Being able to control our automatic reaction to fear and anxiousness helps us to overcome obstacles and problems in our daily lives. Ultimately, this leads to better decisiveness and success.  

Mario Alonso Puig has been teaching courses on leadership and stress management at national and international levels to universities, companies and institutions for a number of years now. He has a wealth of experience and has written several books while achieving international bestseller status. 

Mario will be conducting one of his highly acclaimed sessions each morning of the South Summit. Starting Your Day Right will be a mindfulness session to help give you control over your mind leading to improved relationships and a better quality of life. 

You can learn more about Mario on his website and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity by making sure you have a ticket to South Summit.