May 4-6th | Porto Alegre

Our starting point: a sustainable tomorrow begins in Madrid. Get on board at La Nave and connect with the players who shape the future.


South Summit has an amazing line up speakers this year and all of them are confirmed. Wohoo! 

 * This is a tentative agenda. Take the slots as a reference and they may be modified. More stages and speakers are yet to come! 

ARENA DAY 1 – 4th of May, 2022
ARENA DAY 2 – 5th of May, 2022
ARENA DAY 3 – 6th of May, 2022
THE NEXT BIG THING DAY 1 – 4th of May, 2022
THE NEXT BIG THING DAY 2 – 5th of May, 2022
THE NEXT BIG THING DAY 3 – 6th of May, 2022
DEMO STAGE DAY 1 – 4th of May, 2022
DEMO STAGE DAY 2 – 5th of May, 2022
DEMO STAGE DAY 3 – 6th of May, 2022
CORNER DAY 1 – 4th of May, 2022
CORNER DAY 2 – 5th of May, 2022
CORNER DAY 3 – 6th of May, 2022
GROWTH STAGE DAY 1 – 4th of May, 2022
GROWTH STAGE DAY 2 – 5th of May, 2022
GROWTH STAGE DAY 3 – 6th of May, 2022


  • Our content team has carefully curated a program where innovation and high-valued companies are the main drivers. By identifying big players on the strongest industries from both Brazil and Latin America, we aim to share inspiring success stories and how to boost the consolidation of the ecosystem, locally and at large international scale.
  • The entrepreneurial ecosystem plays a crucial role when action and disruption are necessary to accelerate change.
  • Sustainability at the core. Not understood as the goal of the business but, the essence of how business needs to be done. Sustainable mindsets and actions are necessary to catalyze change and enable progress. Every conversation on the program  addresses a specific SDGs [Sustainable Development Goals] demonstrating how business can be a platform for positive change.

Tracks Description

RetailTech & FoodTech

This theme focuses on the diverse trends regarding the relationship among consumers, retailers, and technology. This section aims to show a conscious consumerism and how retailers can also work towards sustainability. 

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AgriTech & HealthTech

This theme is aimed to cover the full cycle of Agriculture and How new devices, digital tools, treatments, and data, which in both industries help making smart decisions based on data and technology. 

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Sustainability & ESG

This theme captures how businesses should thrive, comprehending both the sustainable mindset with the force of growth and development.  To act with consciousness reflects on how to do business and invest taking into consideration the impact on the world. 

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This theme reflects on the smart development of societies, taking into consideration their economic, political, and cultural aspects, all under the scope of a sustainable growth.

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Industry 5.0

This theme is sustainable, human-centric, resilient and provides a vision of industry that aims beyond efficiency and productivity as the sole goals and reinforces the role and the contribution of industry to society.

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This theme gathers all the technological advances that are revolutionizing the financial sector. The rules are constantly changing and evolving at high speed when it comes to fintech solutions and services, and one must understand the role consumers, corporates and investors play in this new approach to finance. 

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Innovation & Ecosystem

Exponential growth requires innovation, experience, and a conscious mindset. This theme reflects just that, the different formulas in the ecosystem that are working and shaping the future towards a sustainable reality. 

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Build your Network

We are already building the perfect space and context for you to build and broaden your network, across 3 days and 7 stages, mingle with the most vibrant innovation ecosystem in the South. Day 1 hear from top European Leaders of the startup ecosystem talking about how we are going to take Europe to the next level to be an ecosystem of envy to the world. Day 2 we will kick off tackling climate change and figure out the best steps to net zero. Day 3 don’t miss our next generation of movers & shakers as we announce our South Summit Startup Winners for 2022, preceded by some of the world’s most exciting startup success stories. Find out more about our content space here.


Some of our Top Business Leaders confirmed

Gonzalo Muñoz


Oskar Miel

Rakuten Capital

Felipe Villela


Carolina Strobel

Redpoint eventures

Rafael de Castro Figueroa

Portal Telemedicine

Alex Laplaza

Lowercarbon Capital

Alec Oxenford

Alpha Capital