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Welcome to EATnomics

A new emerging economy, associated to food innovation and technology, is forcing the industry, public administrations and entrepreneurs to change the way in which food is produced, distributed and consumed. This new economy, which Marius Robles calls EATnomics represents a paradigm shift that will continue to evolve over the next decade, creating fascinating opportunities for both entrepreneurs and investors, and also forcing the food industry to innovate differently and at a faster pace.


Mobile is eating the world. And now we are eating through our mobiles. The food industry is going mobile and the world of food delivery has exploded. We can track order and understand the nutritional value of what we are eating of the device in our pockets. Are food apps and direct food delivery eating up the restaurant industry? Is being a more informed consumer affecting the way we eat? How are food companies leveraging the power of mobile as a channel?

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Track Program

October 5, 2016
12:30pm - 01:00pm The Digital Transformation of Food Isabel Hoffman, Tell Spec Moderated by Isabel Hoffman, Tell Spec Ralf Wenzel , Co-Founder & CEO, Foodpanda José del Barrio , Founder, Samaipata Ventures, La Nevera Roja The Arena Stage
03:30pm - 03:45pm Welcome to Eatnomics Marius Robles , CEO & Co-Founder, Reimagine Food Sandbox
03:45pm - 04:15pm Rethinking our Food Universe Moderated by Marius Robles, ReImagine Food Danielle Nierenberg , President, FoodTank Maarten Goossens , Anterra Capital Clément Marty , Carrefour Ralf Wenzel , Co-Founder & CEO, Foodpanda Sandbox
04:15pm - 04:45pm Food Startup Competition Finalists Sandbox
04:45pm - 05:15pm The Kitchen of the Future & Food Gadgets Moderated by Ignasi Ferrer Pellicer, Nostrum Lynette Kucsma , Co-Founder & CMO, Natural Machines Javier Morillas , Co-Founder and CEO, Niwa Isabel Hoffmann , Co-Founder and CEO , TellSpec Sandbox
05:15pm - 05:45pm Food Hacking: Disruptive Nutrition Sources Moderated by Brian Daly, Techstars (Metro) Camille Delebecque , Co-Founder , Afineur Alec Lee , Co-Founder, Ava Winery Katharina Unger , Livin Farms Martin Mignot , Partner, Index Ventures Mathieu Gonçalves , Co-Founder, ALGAMA Sandbox
05:45pm - 06:15pm Food Startup Competition Finalists Sandbox
06:15pm - 06:45pm Internet of Food & Sustainable Agriculture Moderated by Danielle Nierenberg, FoodTank Fran García , Director, AgroMapping Isabel Hoffmann , Co-Founder and CEO , TellSpec Cristina Gallardo , Extremadura Avante Sandbox
06:45pm - 07:00pm Food Startup Competition Winner Announcement Presented by Marius Robles , CEO & Co-Founder, Reimagine Food Sandbox
Full Event Schedule

Food Speakers

Ali Partovi
Ali Partovi

Ali Partovi has been described by the San Jose Mercury News as one of “Silicon Valley’s top angel investors,” having been on the ground floor of both Facebook and Dropbox. He's a passionate advocate of sustainable food systems, and has invested in BrightFarms and Farmigo, as well as real estate fund Farmland LP to scale organic, sustainable farming practices. After graduating from Harvard, Ali co-founded LinkExchange (acquired by Microsoft for $265mm). Partovi later co-founded iLike (acquired by MySpace). Partovi’s investments have also included: Zappos, OPOWER, Thumbtack, and Airbnb. Ali co-founded non-profit, which promotes Computer Science education and hosts the worldwide “Hour of Code.” He serves on the board of FoodCorps, a non-profit that improves food in public schools.

Ralf Wenzel
Ralf Wenzel Foodpanda

Ralf Wenzel is the co-­founder and Chief Executive Officer of Foodpanda group. Before, he held the position as the Group Chief Operating Officer at Skrill Holdings that operates the online payment system Skrill/Moneybookers. Prior to that, Ralf was the Senior Vice­-President of Sales & Business Development at Jamba/Jamster. Ralf holds a degree in Computer Science from Berlin University.

José del Barrio
José del Barrio Samaipata Ventures, La Nevera Roja

José del Barrio founded Samaipata Ventures in mid-2015 and holds the position of CEO of the fund since then. He cofounded in 2011, La Nevera Roja, the leading web site in the Spanish food-delivery market, and was the CEO of the company during four years. He started his career working as a manager of the Strategy Group of PwC. Prior to this experience, Jose worked as supply chain analyst at Accenture, and as project manager at Fundacion H.N. in Bolivia. Jose holds a Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration from University Carlos III of Madrid.

Marius Robles
Marius Robles Reimagine Food

Marius Robles is the CEO & Co-Founder of Reimagine Food, the world's first disruptive center committed to the future of food. It connects startups, entrepreneurs, investors, chefs and the F&B industry with the technologies that are transforming and impacting how we select, purchase and consume food. Its mission is to promote initiatives to rethink the world of food, the industry, the modern kitchen and how we solve our food needs in the 21st century. Marius is a serial entrepreneur, vivid innovator, strategist and truly passionate about food and gastronomy. He has founded and headed up for several years a group of companies geared towards innovation and future strategy. He has recently won recognition and considered one of the 15 most successful entrepreneurs in Spain by the prestigious MIT Tech Review.

Lynette Kucsma
Lynette Kucsma Natural Machines

CNN has named Lynette one of only seven “tech superheroes” to watch, and Fortune says “she wants to sell the 21st century’s version of the microwave”. She believes that people would be healthier if everybody eats freshly made wholesome meals and snacks. But, it needs to be easier and faster for everyone to create healthy foods made with fresh ingredients. So she’s helping to build a new generation kitchen appliance. Lynette is a co-founder and CMO at Natural Machines, the makers of Foodini: the first 3D food printer + IoT (Internet of Things) kitchen appliance to contribute to a healthy eating lifestyle. Foodini makes all kinds of savory and sweet foods, using fresh, real ingredients. Lynette is a senior marketing professional with international experience and a proven track record of full marketing responsibilities in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 organizations.

Danielle Nierenberg
Danielle Nierenberg FoodTank

Danielle Nierenberg is President of FoodTank and an expert on sustainable agriculture and food issues. She has written extensively on gender and population, the spread of factory farming in the developing world and innovations in sustainable developing world and innovations in sustainable agriculture. Danielle co-founded FoodTank in 2013 as an organization focused on building a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters. Prior to starting FoodTank, Danielle spent two years travelling to more than sixty countries across sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America, meeting with farmers, scientists and researchers, policymakers and government leaders, students and academics, along with journalists documenting what's working to help alleviate hunger and poverty while protecting the environment.

Isabel Hoffmann
Isabel Hoffmann TellSpec

Isabel Hoffmann is the Co-Founder and CEO of TellSpec, the company behind the world's first food sensor. She is an entrepreneur who started her first company at the age of nineteen and has successfully founded eight companies over the last twenty-six years in the fields of preventative medicine, software and education. Hoffmann has shared her experiences as an entrepreneur and as knowledge on commercializing technologies by teaching MBA-level entrepreneurism courses at the University of Porto in partnership with the London Business School and the University of North Carolina.

William Rosenzweig
William Rosenzweig The Food Business School of The Culinary Institute of America

Dean and Executive Director of The Food Business School, William Rosenzweig has spent his career as an educator, serial entrepreneur, and venture investor. Will was founding CEO of The Republic of Tea, the company that created the premium tea category in the U.S. as an entrepreneur and investor, Will helped grow Odwalla, LeapFrog, Hambrecht Vineyards and Wineries, Winetasting, Yummly and Brand New Brands, a functional food incubator he founded in 2004. In 2007 Will co-founded Physic Ventures, the first venture capital firm supporting early-stage companies in health and sustainability, including Revolution Foods, Pharmaca, Recyclebank, and Yummly. Will is co-author of "The Republic of Tea: How an Idea Becomes a Business", named one of the 100 Best Business Books of all time. In 2014, he chaired a US national commission on health promotion and the prevention of chronic disease. In 2016, Will was recognized as one of the 7 shapers of the future of food by Bon Appetit magazine.

Fran García
Fran García AgroMapping

Fran holds an MSc in Agronomic Engineering (University of Lleida, UdL) and a PhD in Agronomy from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). He developed analytical processes to transform high resolution remote sensing data acquired with drones to actionable information that can be used to improve the agronomical management of crops and farms. He has worked at the University of Florida (CREC, IFAS) and the University of California Davis in research projects relatedhigh resolution remote sensing applied to agriculture.With over a decade of experience in scientific research and consultancy in Europe, the USA and Chile, in 2014 he founded AgroMapping with a clear objective in mind: facilitate the implementation and adoption of high resolution remote sensing with drones by the agricultural sector, and help to transfer knowledge from science to real field applications.

Camille Delebecque
Camille Delebecque Afineur

Camille Delebecque is the Co-Founder of Afineur, which is developing fermentation technologies to enhance food flavor and nutritional profile. He is an entrepreneur and bio-technologist. He is an advocate of using biology as technology and has been working on fostering biotechnological innovations with organizations across the private, public and social sectors.

Alec Lee
Alec Lee Ava Winery

Alec Lee is the Co-Founder of Ava Winery, a startup that recreates wines from scratch, flavor by flavor, by combining their components at precise levels without yeast, nor fermentation. Alec has a strong business and life sciences background and is passionate about ventures in biotech, healthcare and education. Prior to founding Ava Winery, he founded another startup, Extem, a population-scale stem cell library for organ and drug engineering.

Javier Morillas
Javier Morillas Niwa

Javier Morillas is the Co-Founder and CEO of Niwa, which initial goal is to enable everyone to grow their own food. He is passionate about engineering and technology and the great things we can achieve with them. Curious by natura, he loves to explore how we interact with technology and cognitive psychology in general. Moving from the corporate to the startup world across several countries, Javier has acquired experience in several areas of expertise and adapts quickly to new working environments.

Greg Sewitz
Greg Sewitz Exo

Greg Sewitz is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Exo, a NYC-based startup pioneering insects as a sustainable protein source. He graduated from Brown University with a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. Exo was named in Fast Company's Top 10 Most Innovative Food Companies in the World in 2015 and Greg was featured in Forbes' 30 Under 30 list in 2015.

Sofía Benjumea
Sofía Benjumea Campus Madrid.

Sofia is the Head of Campus Madrid, creating a vibrant, transformative and collaborative community where entrepreneurs and tech startups can flourish and grow through meaningful connections, knowledge and unique opportunities. Before joining Google, she was the founding partner and CEO of Spain Startup, organizing what has become the leading startup conference in Southern Europe, The South Summit. She holds a BA in International Business Administration, an MA in journalism from El Pais and an MBA from IE Business School and UCLA's Anderson School of Business. Sofia is a passionate community builder, a tireless doer and creative thinker. Previously a journalist, she pivoted and returned to Spain with a desire to help build and rebuild by fostering a strong startup ecosystem.

Melissa Tilney
Melissa Tilney AgFunder

Business strategy and marketing professional with a history of achievement across start-ups and large corporations. Passion for building innovative new businesses with a bent on improving social and environmental outcomes. She started her career as Senior Analyst in the company Analysis Group, after that Melissa worked in The Boston Consulting Group. In her last years she worked as a Director of Marketing in Elance and finally this year (2015) she decided to start in 500 Startup and also to Co found Agfunder. Melissa is graduate in Princeton University (1999-2003), in Northwestern University School of Law and in Kellog School management (2007-2010)

Ignasi Ferrer
Ignasi Ferrer Nostrum/ European Foodservice Summit

Ignasi Ferrer is a retail expert with over 13 years’ experience as CEO of The Eat Out Group, a leading casual restauration company owner of four different brands. He is a specialist in designing, leading, and driving business growth and transformation processes with a profound knowledge of clients and consumer trends, as well as in value creation through innovation. He is an associate professor & lecturer at ESADE Business School’s Strategy & General Management department.

Martin Mignot
Martin Mignot Index Ventures

Martin Mignot works in Index Ventures. Previously, he has worked with many entrepreneurs who started such businesses, including BlaBlaCar and Deliveroo. He also serves on the board of Drivy,Rad, TheFamily, Trainline. In addition to the companies already mentioned, he led Seed round in hosted search API company Algolia. Most of his initial investments are Seed and Series A. Martin has spent a lot of time helping build the Parisian ecosystem (he led the first institutional investment in local startup network TheFamily and currently sits on their advisory board), and also regularly travels to Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and NYC. Prior to joining Index, Martin was in the TMT team at UBS Investment Bank and co-founded the beauty subscription business Boudoir Prive (acquired by Joliebox/Birchbox) and a student web radio service

Siraj Khaliq
Siraj Khaliq The Climate Corporation

Siraj Khaliq is a technology angel investor and advisor to several startups. He currently works as an investment partner for Atomico and was formerly Chief Technical Officer of The Climate Corporation (formerly WeatherBill), which he co-founded with David Friedberg in 2006 and helped grow to 160 people. Prior to this, Siraj worked at Google in lead engineering roles on several high-profile projects, in particular Google Book Search (of which he was a founding engineer), Patent Search, Google Compute and several other offline content search initiatives. He joined Google from Stanford University, where he was a software architect for the popular Folding@Home distributed computing project. Siraj is an expert in distributed systems and large-scale computing. He holds an MS degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, and a BA (Hons.) in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, England.

Food Selected Startups

Eskesso Food & Beverages Founded in 2016 | 2-5 employees

ESKESSO's main goal is to develop a mobile App, a cloud-based online platform and a “sous vide” smart Wi-Fi compatible cooking appliance that together will solve the problem related with the fact the modern lifestyle in big cities does not allow people to eat properly. "Sous vide” is a cooking technique based on keeping a vacuum packed peace of food inside a pot of water at a very stable temperature for a long time. Users choose their dish in their recipe list, prepare the bag with the ingredients or buy it online through Eskesso’s ecommerce platform, put the Eskesso’s cooking appliance and the bag in a pot with water, and go to work. Their smartphone will allow them to control the cooking process while they are out and their meal will ready by the time they arrive home. Eskesso´s mission is to allow any user to easily prepare chef quality meals with little time and effort, and by doing that, become the biggest mobile gourmet cooking community on the Internet. read more

WiseCrop Agriculture Founded in 2014 | 5-10 employees

WiseCrop is an integrated decision support system that helps Farmers make the best decisions every single day of each season. It can be based on a wireless sensor network that continuously collects weather, soil and plant data from the field. The Farmer can connect existing sensors to the platform, if he wants to. On the web platform, the Farmer can access a set of different tools that help him to decide: - When to irrigate and how much water is needed; - If he should apply any kind of treatment for some disease or pest; - What is the best nutritional plan for each season; - What is the best moment to harvest, prune, or other activity; Besides, WiseCrop allows the remote control of irrigation/fertigation systems, it has a tool to facilitate filling of Field’s Logbook and a tool that helps in the Financial Management through precise control of daily man work. Apart from that, WiseCrop integrates other agro-services, like weather forecast, drone imaging reports and laboratories. read more

ec2ce Big Data & Analytics Founded in 2014 | 5-10 employees

ec2ce creates decision support tools for Ag sector, based on AI predictive models that are embedded in the product, providing simulation, decision and automation systems. Technology is built on three main pillars: - Automatic modeling and exploitation processes, to reduce cost of modeling - Scalable methodology, to extend the use of models to areas with few or no historical data. - Advanced combination of algorithms, to guarantee a high accuracy. ec2ce has four product lines: 1. Market Supply: predictive scenarios for strategic and trading & hedging decisions 2. Decision farming: farming management simulators to optimize productivity and inputs cost, including economic and sustainability criteria 3. Pest Evolution: predictive modeling to anticipate actions in Integrated Pest Management systems 4. Supply Chain: predictive scenarios to optimize commercial and logistic and planning for horticulture aggregators and commercialization intermediates read more

WeFarm Agriculture Founded in 2015 | 10-20 employees

WeFarm is a unique, peer-to-peer information sharing service for the world’s 500 million small-scale farmers who have no access to the internet. Farmers can both share and access vital, bespoke information from around around the world in minutes... without leaving their farm, spending any money or having any access to the internet. WeFarm analyses the millions of organic interactions already happening through the system to provide unique and actionable data to the multinationals that source from these farmers, as well as the governments and NGOs that work with them - with multiple contracts already signed. read more

Biome Makers Spain Inc. Big Data & Analytics Founded in 2015 | 10-20 employees

BIOME MAKERS is an innovative biotech startup leveraging the opportunity of understanding the microbiome communities by providing a comprehensive soil analysis to characterize the terroir for the wine industry. Our product, WINESEQ TERROIR is the first and unique cloud computing platform to measure the health and quality of vineyards by using the microbiome of the soil as a biomarker producing machine learning with a database of more than 2,500 microbial species affecting the plant health and winemaking process. We use advanced genomics analytics and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) to identify & quantify the microbiome without requiring culture of the samples. This tool provides an individualized diagnosis of vineyard health status and value. WINESEQ TERROIR is changing the way winegrowers and winemakers understand their industry and the replication of this technology in other fields opens a new disruptive vision for the agriculture practises. read more

AgriLedger Agriculture Founded in 2016 | 10-20 employees

AgriLedger is a philanthropy initiative applying distributed Cryptoledger and mobile apps to create a circle of trust for small farmer co-operatives. The UN reports that up to 50% of crop value vanishes between harvest and the point of sale. Small cooperatives are currently by far the best way to improve efficiency in developing countries and help farmers retain a bigger share of their crop value. There are literally 1000's of charities and organization focused on building co-ops. Yet, most co-ops rely on paper-based records, verbal promises, and complicated agreements; this frequently causes critical problems due to lack of transparency, restricted access to price data, lying, graft, and corruption. AgriLedger is a Mobile App that records and transacts incorruptible truth on blockchain, and framework of integrated services for delivering an even playing field for farmers and co-ops. Agriledger encompasses, Identity management, Secure payment and settlement, Real-time market prices. read more

Ava Winery Food & Beverages Founded in 2016 | 2-5 employees

Fine wines are very expensive and inaccessible for the vast majority of people. We analyze the molecular profile of wines to understand their flavor and aroma, then add each component individually allowing us to bypass the need for grapes, yeast, or fermentation to recreate the original wine at a molecular level. read more

Niwa Agriculture Founded in 2014 | 2-5 employees

Niwa is a connected software-hardware platform that makes growing easy. Our cloud based platform automates the entire growing process and runs on different hardware configurations. Niwa is controlled via our mobile app for simplicity and accessibility. Our first product, proof of concept ($200K+ Already SOLD) is Niwa ONE, A fully automated, cloud connected growing system for your living room. What is the problem you are solving and how are you solving it? Urban farming is growing as a market and more people want to grow their own food but it can be frustrating with complex hydroponics systems. Which brings us to the problem we care most about; making growing simple. Existing grow set-ups can be intimidating and hard to manage; controlled by multiple mechanical timers making the process difficult to operate. read more

Livin Farms Ltd Consumer Electronics Founded in 2015 | 2-5 employees

Insects are extremely efficient at transforming low-value feed into high energy protein and nutrients. This is of large value, considering that the EU is 70% protein-deficient, with rapid increase in global protein demand. Livin Farms Ltd is commercializing scalable and “climate smart“ insect rearing technology to support food safety and agricultural entrepreneurship in Europe. The edible insect industry is booming as people increasingly realize the potential of insects as a source of sustainable and cost-efficient protein. New startups pop up daily with plans to sell this or that insect-based protein product, but the supply of food-grade edible insects remains stagnant. Our first product is the Hive™ Home model, a tabletop insect farm that raised 145 000 USD with 830 supporters worldwide on Kickstarter, shipping in November 2016. read more

PHENIX Social Impact Founded in 2014 | +30 employees

We work to solve two problems : 1. If food waste was a country, it would the 3rd largest polluter in the world after China and the USA. The total amount of food waste produced in the world in a year would represent enough food to feed the whole French population for 30 years. In addition to being an environmental and a societal issue, waste collection, treatment and destruction is a major source of expenses for businesses. 2. On the other hand, charities are facing a reduction in public subventions while the number of people asking for help is growing. Europe is facing one of the most important migrating crisis of its history. Inequalities are raising faster than anything else. PHENIX is a BtoB service provider helping businesses tackling waste in their own stores and in their supply chain. We weave circular economies around surplus emitters to transform their waste in resources for other actors as charities, livestock feeding, compost or biogas. read more

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