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Health & Wellness

“The biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology” according to Apple visionary Steve Jobs. We agree. Let’s take a walk through some of the areas that are starting to be transformed by innovation in healthcare. The health care track @ South Summit is developed in collaboration with Silicon Valley based VC firm Venture Health, whose mission is to dramatically transform clinical outcomes through investing in innovation.


Life expectancy is heading for 100+ years. What are the technologies that are going to get us there? What is the importance of diagnosis v´s prevention v´s treatment? Finding cures v´s changing lifestyles/education? What will be the effect on healthcare systems today? Pharmaceutical companies? Cosmetic companies? Careers? Education? Break through biotech; what are the best examples today?

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Track Program

October 6, 2016
10:00am - 10:30am Medicine of the Future Mir Imran , Chairman and CEO, Rani Therapeutics The Arena Stage
10:30am - 11:00am Tipping Point in Genomics with the $999 Genome Mirza Cifric , Founder and CEO, Veritas Genetics The Arena Stage
03:15pm - 04:15pm Health & Wellness Startup Competition Finalists Playground
04:15pm - 04:35pm Extending Lifespans Mar Pérez , Principal, InCube Ventures & VentureHealth Playground
04:35pm - 04:45pm Health & Wellness: Startup Competition Winner Announcement Presented by Javier Collado, INCYDE Playground
04:45pm - 05:15pm A new patient experience - Getting good accessible healthcare to the world Moderated by Izanami Martínez, Doctor 24 María Jesús Salido , Co- Founder and CEO, Social Diabetes Adam Odessky , CEO and co-founder, Anders Hallin , CMO, Kry David Masó , CEO, PromoFarma Playground
05:15pm - 05:45pm Investing in a new age of healthcare Moderated by Ricardo Perez Merino, LabHealth Imran Akram , Partner, AXA Strategic Ventures Talat Imran , Venture Health Dr Jan- Niklas Keltsch , XLHEALTH Playground
05:45pm - 06:05pm Accelerating Life: Using synthetic biology and biodesign to build remarkable companies Sean O'Sullivan , Founder and Managing Director, IndieBio Playground
06:05pm - 06:35pm Hacking the Healthcare System Moderated by Mar Pérez, Venture Health Pablo Pantaleoni , CEO and co-founder, Medtep Juan Lopez - Belmonte , Farma Cros Ibérica Christian Hense , UniversalDX Ignasi Vivas , Oncovision Playground
06:35pm - 07:00pm How well are you aging? Stephen J. Matlin , Chairman and CEO , Life Length Playground
Full Event Schedule

Health & Wellness Speakers

Mir Imran
Mir Imran Rani Therapeutics

Mir Imran is a Venture Partner in the Silicon Valley office, where he focuses on life sciences and technology investments on a global basis. He is the Founder and President of In-Cube, Inc., a Silicon Valley incubator for medical and Internet companies. Through this incubator, Imran founded numerous medical and high technology companies. Mr. Imran currently serves as a Director for Surface Genesis, CardioVasc, Zonare, and IntraPace. He was also a Founder and Director of Percusurge, a marketer and developer of circulatory system devices, which was eventually acquired by Medtronic in 2000, and of Cardiac Pathways, a developer of catheters that was acquired by Boston Scientific in 2001.cientific in 2006 for $27.5B

Adam Odessky
Adam Odessky

Adam Odessky is CEO and co-founder of, which is an avatar based, emotively driven clinical platform that helps clinicians better manage their chronic care patients. At the core is a Virtual Medical Assistant equipped with a set of remote diagnostic tools. uses natural user interfaces to facilitate the assessment of a patient's condition and provide insights for meaningful follow-up. Adam has over 15 years of experience in the fields of technology and speech recognition. Adam holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. Adam has worked at Oracle, Microsoft and Orange and holds several provisional patents in the areas of healthcare, security, telecommunications and augmented reality.

Pablo Pantaleoni
Pablo Pantaleoni Medtep

Pablo is the CEO and co-founder of Medtep, a company that is focused on facilitating lasting behavioral changes for a better quality of life. He is an economist and entrepreneur who graduated from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra with a major in Economy and Business Administration, and also holds a Masters Degree in Creating Internet Businesses by the Universidad Ramon Llull. He is also an enthusiast amongst young entrepreneurs who are starting their own projects and finds joy promoting entrepreneurship in different fields. Along these lines, he is the president of a non-profit organization with this aim. He has also spoken in congresses and colleges. Last January, Pablo was awarded 30 Under 30 in healthcare by the renowned Forbes in their 2016 edition. Every year the magazine celebrates the game changers under 30 years old transforming the world.

Mirza Cifric
Mirza Cifric Veritas Genetics

Mirza Cifric is a serial life science entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Veritas Genetics. Previously, he was CEO of AbVitro Inc. which he founded together with Dr. George Church of Harvard Medical School based on technology developed at the Church lab. He also served as CEO of Solmap Pharma, wich whas sold to FORMA Therapeutics in 2008. While at FORMA, he was Head of Corporate Development for the international oncology leader with offices in US and Singapore. Veritas is a global pioneer dedicated to the idea that knowledge of genomic information can lead to disease prevention, ultimately maximizing the human longevity. Veritas is based in US (Boston), Europe (Luxembourg) and Asia (Shangai).

Mar Pérez
Mar Pérez InCube Ventures & VentureHealth

Mar Perez is a Principal for InCube Ventures and VentureHealth, investment funds focused on disruptive healthcare innovation based in San Jose, California. In her role, Mar wears multiple hats – from screening over 500 deals per year and managing due diligence to speaking in public forums and building relationships with Limited Partners. She also manages the Fund’s online presence, and contributes to organizational strategy. She is passionate about breakthroughs that can change medicine. She has spent her career in life sciences, most recently in governmental relations and sales with Johnson & Johnson. When Mar heard about InCube, she fell in love with the opportunity to help investors and entrepreneurs dramatically improve the lives of patients. Mar has also recently graduated from the Kauffman Fellows program, where she completed a two-year course focused on the next generation of leaders in venture capital. Prior to joining VentureHealth, Mar earned an international MBA from a joint program of the ADM

Min Sung Sean Kim
Min Sung Sean Kim Former XLHEALTH

Min-Sung is a Former Partner at XLHEALTH, a Berlin-based venture capital fund specializing in Digital Health Series A investments. He believes that healthcare startups with innovative solutions have the potential to create impactful social change. In leading the analyst team at XLHEALTH, Min-Sung has seen more than 2300 digital health startups in Europe. Prior to joining the XLHEALTH team, he founded and sold his first business. Additionally, he invested in startups including mySugr, Meedoc, Neuronation and Harimata.

Andrew Farquharson
Andrew Farquharson VentureHealth

Andrew is the Co-Founder of VentureHealth. He is an investor and entrepreneur with two decades of experience building, restructuring and acquiring companies in life sciences. As a founding member of InCube's venture fund, Andrew co-founded VentureHealth to democratize investing for accredited investors who have a passion for improving patient outcomes, and do not have access to venture capital deals. Andrew has also co-founded Glucazyme, and developed strategies with Deloitte & Touche. Andrew holds a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard University and a Bachelor's from the University of California at Berkeley.

Trudi Haemmerli
Trudi Haemmerli Go Beyond Investing

Trudi Haemmerli is the CEO of a Life Sciences Startup, Business Angel Investor in Pharma/Medtech/ICT, Member of the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) for Startups and Entrepreneurship, Advisor/Consultant for SMEs in the area of Pharma/Medtech and Business Angel Investor in Go Beyond Investing. Trudi has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry with global leadership, operational and project management expertise. She earned her reputation as an outstanding leader, problem-solver, team-builder, change-agent, and mentor with a wide-range of expertise in Regulatory Affairs, Technical R&D and R&D Operations. She successfully led key projects in IT system development, innovative laboratory design, and drug manufacturing areas whilst also leading global organisations.

Sean O'Sullivan
Sean O'Sullivan IndieBio

Sean O’Sullivan is founder and Managing Director of SOSV, one of the world’s top-performing venture capital firms, and the world’s first VC to run multiple world-class accelerators. SOSV has invested in more than 330 companies, and SOSV accelerators help create over $500m in new market capitalization every year. Sean began his entrepreneurial journey as President and founder of MapInfo, bringing street mapping technology to personal computers.  He also founded and ran the humanitarian organization JumpStart International.

María Jesús Salido
María Jesús Salido Social Diabetes

María Jesús Salido is the Co- Founder and CEO of Social Diabetes, a system for the self-management of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1. The app has been developed by diabetic patients who are taking advantage of the knowledge they have to help other people. Social Diabetes has the aim of improving the autonomy, flexibility and risk control, providing diabetic patients with an aid in the self-management of both food intake and insulin dose administration.

Izanami Martinez
Izanami Martinez Doctor24

Izanami is the President of the Spanish Startups Association, the CEO of Doctor24 and she is teaching Entrepreneurship and Online Marketing in several Business Schools. She is an anthropologist and holds an Executive MBA from ISEM Fashion Business School.

Stephen J. Matlin
Stephen J. Matlin Life Length

Stephen J. Matlin is Life Length’s Chairman and CEO as well as a founding shareholder. He has led the Company since inception and assisted in establishing the company as the world leader in telomere measurements and diagnostics. Steve brings twenty-five years’ experience as a senior executive, entrepreneur and investment banker to the Company. Mr. Matlin obtained his MBA at Harvard Business School and his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College.

Talat Imran
Talat Imran Venture Health

Talat Imran is the co- founder and managing director of Venture Health. Founded in December 2012, VentureHealth is an online venture fund platform based in Silicon Valley for accredited investors who want access to breakthrough opportunities in the $2.5 trillion US healthcare sector. The team vets investments based on its deep experience in company building, and is incentivized by the quality of deals, not quantity. Talat is also the Vice President of InCube Labs, an innovative group who are trying to solve patient problems with relevant technology. Talat manages this while also being the CEO of Venture Web Partners. He was educated in Foothill College and UC Santa Cruz.

Dr Jan- Niklas Keltsch
Dr Jan- Niklas Keltsch XLHEALTH

Jan-Niklas is Managing Partner of XLHEALTH. Before joining XLHEALTH, Jan-Niklas developed an innovative hygiene product for the consumer market that is sold in over 4.000 retail outlets across Germany. Jan-Niklas also worked as a consultant for innovative and technology driven SMEs advising on strategic technology management decisions. He is a qualified Patent Engineer having profound theoretical and practical knowledge in IP matters. Prior to his business ventures he graduated as a PhD in the field of technology management at the University of Cambridge. He holds an MSc. Degree in Economics from the University of St. Andrews and, at first, graduated as an Industrial Engineer (Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur).

Katharina Unger
Katharina Unger Livin Farms

Katharina Unger is a thought leader in the space of design for sustainability, food and agricultural innovation. She has worked as a design advisor and consultant in agencies and for her own clients in London, Hong Kong, Vienna, across the USA and Africa. She founded Livin Studio and Livin Farms, companies leading in the field of edible insects and novel food innovations. She is an Alumna of the US Fulbright Program and studied Industrial Design and Design for Social Impact both in Europe and the US. For her work, she received the RedDot Design Award, the Braun Prize Sustainability Award, the Bio Art and Design Award (NL), the Core 77 International Design Award, as well as numerous other awards and recognition.

Health & Wellness Selected Startups

radAR Set-up Health & Med Tech Founded in 0 | 2-5 employees

Cancer will affect 1 in 3 people during their lifetime. Nearly 2/3 of these will receive RADIOTHERAPY, totalling over one million patients in the US in 2016. Despite the advancements in techniques and equipment, around 20% of the treatments still suffer errors due to poor patient positioning. "radAR Set-up" is designed to solve the patient positioning and movement control problems using AUGMENTED REALITY. We propose to use these techniques to IMPROVE PATIENT POSITIONING in real-time and provide automatic MOVEMENT MONITORING before and during the treatment, as well as providing the therapist with all the information related to the treatment in a novel nonintrusive way. Existing solutions have different problems. In particular, the advantages of our system include: avoiding extra radiation doses to the patient, seamless integration into the current treatment workflow, not increasing the time needed to treat each patient, and not requiring extra actions or complex training. read more

Speratum Cancer Therapeutics Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Founded in 2014 | 2-5 employees

Pancreatic cancer is the the deadliest cancer. Only 6% of patients survive 5 years. We have discovered and patented a novel, nucleic acid-based therapeutic and efficient nanoparticle-based delivery system. Our technology, co-invented by our company's CEO, was developed at and licensed from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, USA. We have discovered a tumor-suppressive molecule which is normally found at high levels in human tissues. In tumors, the level drops significantly, leading to unrestrained cancer growth and aggressiveness. We can synthesize this molecule, and deliver it to tumor cells through the blood. We have demonstrated in peer-reviewed publications that we can reduce tumor size by ~90%, and reduce metastasis by over 70%. In addition, we can sensitize cancer cells to chemotherapy. We have built a state-of-the-art facility where we are conducting R&D studies to test and improve the efficacy and safety of our treatment with the goal of taking it to the clinic. read more

Quibim Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Founded in 2012 | 5-10 employees

At present, the company is an international core reference laboratory of medical image processing. Our customers are innovative doctors, researchers in precision medicine and CROs, mainly located in USA, Spain, Turkey and Portugal, beside others. In addition, QUIBIM is a spin-off of La Fe Polytechnics and University Hospital. QUIBIM applies advanced computational models to radiological images (Magnetic Resonance, Positron Emission Tomography, Computed Tomography and X-ray) to objectively measured the changes produces by a pharmacological treatment or by a lesion in human and animal tissues, offering advanced Imaging Biomarkers (IB) for the pre-clinical and the clinical drug development. In order to integrate these imaging biomarkers in clinical routine, the company has developed QUIBIM Precision®, the first Cloud Platform to the full-automated medical image processing. QUIBIM Precision® shows the results summarized in a structured report to the client. read more

MOWOOT Health & Med Tech Founded in 2014 | 2-5 employees

MOWOOT a non-pharmacological, non-invasive solution for chronic constipation in form of a wearable Class IIa medical device (CE). Up to 80% of people with neurogenic diseases and even 15% of the general population suffer from chronic constipation. The current solutions like laxatives or enemas are not indicated for chronic us due to their side effects. MOWOOT consists of a matrix of pneumatic actuators that are aligned with the colon to emulate its natural movement and aid the feces through the intestines (exo-peristalsis). A desktop device controls the treatments algorithm and permits monitoring and ajustments. Connectivity to smart devices enhances patient engagement & user experience and generates clinical data for medical professionals and other stakeholders. Our project received the seal of excellence of the european comission. We confirmed our value proposition and developed our solution based on over 500 interviews with patients and stakeholders. read more

Playbrush GmbH Health & Med Tech Founded in 2015 | 5-10 employees

Tooth decay is one of the most common single reasons why children between 5 and 9 are submitted to hospital. Furthermore, 23% of children between 2 and 5 have cavities, with already 56% of 6-8 year olds. And why is this happening? Because kids hate brushing their teeth and if they do so, they do not brush accurately and long enough. With Playbrush we help children to start enjoying brushing their teeth. Playbrush is a smart toothbrush add-on which transforms any manual toothbrush into a game controller. While brushing teeth, kids can play fun & motivational games. With Playbrush kids do not only brush voluntarily their teeth twice a day, but also long and accurately enough. The Playbrush device was developed together with more than 400 kids & families and known dentists & dental institutes (e.g. Eastman Dental Hospital in London, University Dental Clinic in Vienna). It is out on the market since 2015 and a several thousand kids already love toothbrushing. read more

AURA INNOVATIVE ROBOTICS SL Health & Med Tech Founded in 2015 | 10-20 employees

Neurological and mental disorders are one of the most burdensome groups of diseases for healthcare systems, both in terms of number of patients and of the costs of their treatments, imposing enormous costs on society as a whole: as much as 8% of GDP in advanced countries, 37% of which are direct health treatments costs. A third of world health expenditure is caused by these diseases, more than the combined expenditures in cancer, diabetes and coronary conditions. And growing! Our approach, a diagnosis platform named OSCANN™ that combines the analysis of ocular and oculo-cepahlic movements (OM/OCM) with data obtained from other sources (clinical histories, medical explorations, complementary trials and biomarkers) through the use of AI techniques, will improve significantly the quality of medical judgements in early stages. read more

BIOHOPE Scientific Solutions for Human Health SL Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Founded in 2015 | 2-5 employees

Biohope products cover two unmet clinical needs: a) 50% of transplanted kidneys are lost during the first 10 years because of chronic rejection in spite of using immunosuppresor treatment for their entire life; b) 1/3 of transplanted patients die because of complications derived of the induced immunosuppression to prevent rejection. Biohope is currently developing two products: 1) DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE for: a) The early identification of patients at risk of chronic rejection, enabling the clinicians to make early decisions on therapy adjustment to avoid graft rejection b) The early identification of patients under feasible immunosuppression reduction, enabling a gradual reduction and even withdrawal of immunosuppression 2) COMPANION DIAGNOSTICS bioassay to support clinicians in the determination of the optimal combination/posology of immunosuppressant drugs Biohope products have also potential application to other immune-based diseases like reumatoid arthritis, lupus and other read more

UNIVERSAL DIAGNOSTICS S.L. Health & Med Tech Founded in 2012 | 20-30 employees

Cancer kills because it is mostly detected in later stages, when it is already too late. However, if detected in its earliest stages of development, cancer can be cured in 90% of cases. That is why early detection is the most important weapon to fight and beat cancer. The problem? There is no simple and accurate tests for the early detection of the most important types of cancer. Universal Diagnostics (UDX) is developing a technological platform for the development of blood tests for the early detection of the most prevalent types of cancer. UDX works in the intersection between metabolomics (the analysis of the smallest molecules that circulates in the blood stream) and bioinformatics, and has developed a panel of 50 biomarkers (small molecules) for the early detection of cancer. The first product, a blood test for the early detection of colorectal cancer and polyps (pre-cancerous stage), will reach the global markets in Q3 2017. Lung cancer test will follow in 2018. read more

Unima Health & Med Tech Founded in 2015 | 10-20 employees

Unima developed a lab in a paper technology which diagnoses infectious diseases like tuberculosis, influenza or HIV directly at the point of care, without the use of lab equipment, in 15 minutes, with a cost of $1 per test, and it can be used even by people with no technical training. We are solving the problem of access to diagnostics for 3 billion people living in the developing world or in limited resource settings in high income countries. This technology is based in the use of a microfluidic paper device, a chimeric recombinant shark antibody printed in the paper device and a smartphone app, and can be used even in the most remote areas of the world. The is very simple to use: first, take a blood sample from a finger prick; put the sample on the paper device; after 10 minutes take a picture with the smartphone app, getting a result in less than 5 seconds. The result, along with contextual information is sent to a cloud server to be used for real time disease surveillance. read more

Enzymlogic Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Founded in 2014 | 2-5 employees

ENZYMLOGIC is a private high-tech Spanish SME with a highly specialized team of chemist and biochemist scientists devoted to enzymology and drug discovery. We provide innovative solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to encourage the identification of inhibitors with novel modes of binding driving Precision Medicine. Our commitment is to apply kinetic principles to assist the discovery of drugs with the clinical outcome desired by both physician and patients. We have developed a disruptive technology platform, KineticFinder™ (patent submitted) that helps our customers to reduce costs by withdrawing ineffective or unsafe molecules earlier in the drug discovery process. KineticFinder™ has been backed by public entities, which fosters the technological development and innovation of Spanish companies, as ENISA, CDTI and The Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. read more

Orphidia, Inc. Health & Med Tech Founded in 2013 | 20-30 employees

Currently, getting blood work done is an arduous procedure involving multiple appointments, large volumes of blood collected through venipuncture, and long wait times for opaque results. Orphidia is aiming to make blood testing easier, faster, more convenient, more accessible, and cheaper, all while empowering users to better understand their health. We are developing a fully-automated portable device to do all common blood tests for cardiac, liver, kidney, and thyroid function together with lipid, electrolyte, hormone, and vitamin levels in 20 minutes from one drop of blood. By moving common blood tests to the point of care and reducing turnaround times from days to minutes, Orphidia's technology will enable earlier diagnosis and treatment, increase patient compliance, facilitate better monitoring, and improve preventive care. We have a proprietary microfluidic chip and accompanying reader device to run these common blood tests, with multiple patents on the technology. read more

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