10:00h Improving Education Through Games (Fireside chat)  

María Burns Ortiz – Co-Founder & CEO at 7 Generation Games 

10:30h Learning through digital platforms (Panel) 

Benoit Wirz – Partner at Brighteye VC (moderator) 

Rodrigo Rodríguez – CEO at ODILO 

11:00h Powering up talent through sustainable education (Panel) 

Svetlana Velikanova – Co-Founder & CEO at Harbour.Space (moderator) 

Katrina Walker – Founder & CEO at CodeOP 

Margarita Albors – President at Social Nest Foundation 

12:30h Software at the Service of Business Optimization  

Anna Heim – TC+ Daily Reporter at TechCrunch (moderator) 

Bruno Mata Mayrand – CEO at La Frontera VR 

Ernest Sánchez- Managing Partner at Nuclio  

Iñaki Uriz – CEO at Caravelo 

13:00h Transparency as the First Stone to Building Trust (Fireside chat) 

Clara Gutiérrez Sanz – Managing Partner at BRAIN VC (moderator) 

Matt Waite – Founder & CEO at Apres 

13:20h How is the EU supporting the acceleration of DeepTech? (Panel) 

Nader Sabbaghian – General Partner 360 Capital 

15:30h Recovering Food System (Panel) 

Beatriz Jacoste – Director at KM Zero Food Innovation Hub (moderator) 

Marc Coloma – CEO, Co-Founder & Food Activist at Heura Foods 

Charles Miller – Commercial Director at Solynta 

Mariya Konstantinova – CFO & Innovation Director at Agrana Group 

16:00h Precision Agriculture & Food (Panel) 

Juancho Escobar – Founder & CEO at Q’omer BioActive Ingredients 

Aaron de Bernardis – Nax Solutions  

Iñigo Charola – CEO at Biotech Foods 

17:00h The to access the Asian Tech Opportunity (Panel) 

Alfonso Ballesteros – Founder & Director at Crossbow (moderator) 

Joeri Gianotten – Partner Accelerasia 

Bowie Lau – Founding Partner True Global Ventures 

17:30h Accelerating Fintech Worldwide (Panel) 

Giulia Imperatrice – COO at WEVE Acceleration (moderator) 

Bernard Moon – Co-Founder & Partner at SparkLabs Group 

18:00h Technical challenges: Why the time is now (Fireside chat)  

Alberto Calero – Advisor FB Connectivity Menlo Park California