9:30h Unlocking the Metaverse’s Experience (Panel) 

Alex Lim – Managing Partner at Blossom Capital (moderator) 

Soraya Cadalso J25 – Co-Founder of Uttopion  

Sam Hamilton – Creative Director at Decentraland Foundation 

Lisa Odette – 3D Artist 

10:00h The Relationship between Hardware & Software to Create the Metaverse Experience (Panel) 

Jose Fuertes Peña – Founder & CEO of OWO 

10:30h The New Distribution of Wealth through Digital Ownership (Fireside chat) 

Lina Chong – Investment Director at Target Global (moderator) 

Alun Evans – CEO at Freeverse.io 

Chris Ebeling – Co-Founder & Creative Director at Virtually Human Studio Pty Ltd 

10:55h Bring cutting edge HealthTech to the masses (Panel) 

Raquel Lourenço – Head of Acceleration at Unlimited Spain (moderator) 

Tess Cosad – Co-Founder & CEO at Béa Fertility 

Guillermo M. Gaunas-Vivas – Founder at Ayúdame 3D 

11:25h Early Discovery, Longer life (Panel) 

Sergey Jakimov – Managing Partner at LongeVC

Rocío Arroyo – CEO at Amadix 

Michael Geer – Co-Founder of Humanity 

11:55h Making lives easier through Decentralization (Fireside chat)  

12:15h NFTs for Social Good (Fireside chat) 

Isabell Welpe – Professor of Strategy at TU München (moderator) 

Adriana Freitas – Partner at Muster Ventures 

Michelle Abbs – Founder CEO at Web3 Equity 

13:30h From North to South, Endless Opportunities in Spain (Panel) 

Cristina Fanjul – Director at Start in Asturias (moderator) 

15:30h Transforming Ecosystems through Startup Legislation (Panel) 

Inés Moreno – Growth Manager AT Allied for Startups

16:00h Decoding Tokenisation (Panel) 

Aniol Brosa – Partner at Inveready (moderator) 

Leif Ferreira – CEO at Bit2me  

Pol Martin – CEO at Rand Network 

Manel Sort – Co-Founder & CEO at G4AL 

17:25h Maximizing usage  

Guilherme Guerra – Founder & CEO Rnters  

Antoin Soulier – Founder & CEO Taster  

17:50h Nurturing a sustainable work environment (Panel)  

Ruchika Sikri – Partner at Wisdom Ventures (moderator) 

Khyati Sundaram – CEO at Applied 

Ally Fekaiki – Founder at Juno 

Molly Johnson-Jones – Co-Founder & CEO at Flexa Careers 

18:20h Technologies Boosting Humanitarian Aid (Panel) 

Wiktor Schmidt – Executive Chairman at Netguru (moderator) 

Dmytro Voloshyn – Co-founder at Preply.com 

Victoria Umanska – Co-Founder at Kretes