March 29th-31st, 2023 | Porto Alegre

Our starting point: a sustainable tomorrow begins in Porto Alegre. Get on board at Cais Mauá and connect with the players who shape the future.


Shapers & Speakers

Shapers & Speakers

João Kepler

CEO Bossanova Investimentos

Alfonso de los Rios

CEO & Co-Founder at Nowports

Pedro Janot

Founder, Chairman, Partner Former President of Azul Linhas Aéreas

Ruchika Sikri

General Partner & Principal at Wisdom Venture

Gabriela Comazzetto

Head of Global Business Solutions Latam TikTok

Celso Athayde

CEO e Executivo Social at Favela Holding e CUFA

Sandra Uwera

Global CEO at Fairtrade

Mario Cantero

Founder & CEO Card-Dynamics

Marcelo Lacerda

Chairman Magnopus

Daniel Izzo

CEO at Vox Capital

Mariano García-Valiño

Founder & CEO Axenya

Zach Oscine

Founder & CEO Elenas

Santiago Uribe Rocha

Director Ejecutivo Corporación Oficina de Resiliencia de Medellín

Fabiana Fagundes

Founding Partner FM/Derraik

Gaston Irigoyen

Co-Founder & CEO da Pomelo

Pedro Martins Dusso

CEO at Aegro